By photography on Instagram, they speculate about a companion of Carolina Cruz

Carolina Cruz posted a photo a few days ago on her Instagram account with her son Salvador next to a pool. “And although I miss Mati a lot, this is my new reality and I try to take it with gratitude, patience and understanding.. Days for this fat man by my side, ”wrote the presenter.

The image had more than 157 “likes” and about 1,500 comments, but on the entertainment program I know everything, They went beyond this and gave it a thorough inspection.

“He entered the audiovisual laboratory of ‘I know everything‘ a photo of the presenter Carolina Cruz. Many speculate that she would be living her new reality, possibly ‘in very good company’‘”, indicated the Instagram publication of the Channel One program.

The presenter of I know everything, Ariel ‘el Gordo’ Osorio commented that the reflection seen in Carolina Cruz’s glasses “has generated hundreds of comments”, and added, “the truth is that the image is not very clear.”

Elianis Garrido, another of the presenters of the entertainment program came out in defense of Cruz. “You can no longer have a friend”; In addition, she gave another hypothesis about the mysterious man who is seen in the reflection of Carolina Cruz’s glasses: “it may be someone who could have passed in the same hotel.”

Also, the Instagram post of I know everything generated several comments. “Yes it is very visible in the glasses. But what does it matter who you’re with? After all, life goes on with or without him (Lincoln Palomeque)”, “a king who wants to die… Blessed prince who wants to arrive”, “don’t invent, I was at Carolina Soto’s farm with the mother and the mother’s husband”, were some of the messages.

The tender message of Lincoln Palomeque after his separation from Carolina Cruz

The separation of actor Lincoln Palomeque and presenter Carolina Cruz, after more than a decade of relationship and becoming one of the most beloved couples in Colombian entertainment, has left his followers sad.

Through their social networks, the couple published an official statement in which they announced that their relationship had been transformed and that, as a couple, they would no longer go, but would keep their relationship on the best terms for their two children.

Since the announcement was made, Palomeque has not commented more on the subject nor has he spoken on his social networks or media about it.

The only thing the actor had published were images of his travels and work projects. But this Easter, the actor published several photographs of his visit to Cúcuta, where he is from, and images of him with his cousins ​​and other relatives.

He made this trip with his eldest son, Matías Palomeque, which shows that the separation is no longer reversed and that they began to share time with their children.

Proof of this was the photograph that the actor published with his sleeping little one. “Thank you for these days by your side, beautiful thing, I am too proud of you, you save me and fill me with hope! Love you”, It was the message with which he accompanied the snapshot, revealing his tattoo with the name of the little one.

After a few days of confirming the separation, Carolina Cruz opened the conversation with her followers on Instagram where she answered their questions. Faced with these concerns, the model from Cali accepted that they have not been easy days and that she has clung to God to move forward with her life. Likewise, she pointed out that her children have been fundamental in this process.

The Caracol Televisión presenter also took advantage of the moment to point out that for a few months she decided to seek professional help and revealed that she currently has two psychologists who have helped her.

“I have been very well accompanied by God and my children. In addition, I have two psychologists who have been helping me throughout this year to honestly heal from love, gratitude and understanding”initially stated.

Later, he added: “I think that when I handed over the helm to God, of my situations, and when I began to listen to him with love and honesty, I learned to be calm in my soul. I believe that everything is easier if one heals from love and respect”.

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