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The Ecuador National Team is in the eye of the hurricane. Everything, because Fifa decided to open “disciplinary procedures” for the appeal presented by Chile alleging an alleged Colombian nationality of Byron Castillo, a soccer player for Gustavo Álfaro’s team who participated in eight games in the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

According to the Chilean Football Federation (ANFP), Fifa should remove the points that Ecuador obtained with Castillo on the field. However, the picture is not clear yet.

While waiting for the determinations of the entity that governs world football, the striking case of the Ecuadorian goalkeeper, Alexander Domínguez, who was suspended at the time for alterations in his identity document and who now, after the commotion of Castillo returned to the public arena due to recent statements by Argentine coach Claudio Borghi, who led him in the Quito League. Borghi was clear: “(Domínguez) He told me: ‘Professor, I’m Colombian.'”

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‘Professor, I’m Colombian’

Alexander Dominguez

Alexander Domínguez, current goalkeeper of Deportes Tolima.

Claudio Borghi, in statements given in recent days to the program ‘Todos Somos Técnicos’, from ‘TNT Sports’, in Chile, said that about five years ago, in a match in Colombia, Domínguez was involved in a particular situation.

“As I was coach of the League (of Quito) we went to play a game in Colombia and many people came to greet him (Domínguez) at the hotel, he caught my attention and I asked him if he had many relatives there, and he told me: ‘Teacher, I’m Colombian’”, Borghi said.

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“Later, when reviewing his background, I saw that playing for the League he played as an Ecuadorian, he was suspended for two years and appealed, for which he was only suspended for six months. So it wouldn’t be the first time”, added the Argentine.

Indeed, in December 2007, the Ecuadorian Football Federation sanctioned Domínguez for altering his identity document.

“I hear that Castillo did not have an (Ecuadorian) identity card, he cannot go into any locker room; if he is Colombian, as stated in the investigation, it would be (a case of) forgery of documents and that is more serious”, concluded Borghi, referring to the case of the moment.

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