C. Tangana or Justin Timberlake also monetize their breakups

Before it saw the light this Wednesday at 00:00 at night, it was already viral. In session number 53 of Bizarrap and Shakira, which does not stop adding millions of views, the Colombian is dispatched with her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué. She leaves no head puppet with a catchy melody and phrases like “I’m too big for you and that’s why you’re with someone just like you” or “A lot of gym, but works the brain too«.

As expected, reactions have not stopped emerging. Among them, some criticisms for the allusions to Clara Chía of those who consider that only Piqué should be held accountable; on the part of those who believe that it has been an irresponsible gesture towards the couple’s children or by those who defend that a song made out of rage detracts from a career with countless hits in the collective imagination and all kinds of awards.

On the contrary, there are those who celebrate the artist letting off steam, those who see a strong message of empowerment in phrases like “Women don’t cry / now they bill” or those who celebrate that the one from Barranquilla makes profitable, with a third song, something as difficult to bear as a betrayal, especially in the context of the artist, with her father’s state of health and strong media pressure.

Yes indeed, splash us or not splash usmake a break profitable it is not something new. Countless poems, novels, series and even pictorial works have emerged from heartbreak -her own Frida Kahlo shows in the two fridas how the also painter Diego Rivera made her move away from her roots in a tortuous relationship full of betrayals.

But, returning to the field that concerns us, that of music, here too there are many works backbone of the pain of a separation, infidelity or rejection; although perhaps anger is seen worse when it comes from a woman, to whom she is presupposed to be pristine and self-sacrificing, especially if she is a mother. He already talked about this Taylor Swiftquoting his teammates Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars:

In the case of the Bizarrap sessions, it is noteworthy that no one made ugly that Resident I know go down to the mud when he dedicated his entire song to attacking J Balvin. Here are some examples of men who also monetized breakups in the form of songs:

Justin Timberlake – Cry me a river

They wore matching outfits on several red carpets and gushed over each other: the romance between Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears it was a favorite in the early 2000s. until the magic is over. So, both took advantage of their jobs to vent. For his part, Justin Timberlake posted Cry me a river.

The song won two MTV VMAs in 2003 for Best Male Video and Best Pop Video for the album. justified and picks up phrases like «You don’t have to tell what you did / I already know, I found out from him / Now there are no opportunities / for you and me, there will never be / You said you loved me, / why you left me all alone?».

Loquillo – I will kill her

On the disk called my problems with womenLoquillo and the troglodytes included the theme I will kill her. This one had lines like “Oh, I just want to (kill her!) / Oh, at the point of a knife / Kissing her one more time” in obvious allusions to an already ended relationship. The song propelled the band to stardom in the late 1980s, and the album went gold. Its composer, Sabino Méndez, has said on occasion that it is a protest song against gender violence.

Kanye West- heartless

“He lost his soul for a ruthless woman, how can you have so little heart?” Atlanta wonders in this song from 2008. Of course, it is not the only song that the rapper dedicates to his ex-partners, because last year Resigned that there will be no second chance at his marriage to Kim Kardashian, West debuted the song eazyin which he mentioned Pete Davidsoncurrent boyfriend at that time of the businesswoman, who has stated on several occasions that she felt harassed by the singer after the separation.

Roy Orbison- crying

It’s time to travel back in time 1961, to talk about the next song. That was the year that Roy Orbison and Joe Melson they wrote the melodious ballad crying. In it, the Texas singer recited, “Yeah, now you’re gone / And from now on / I’ll be crying, crying, crying / Crying for you.”

Julio Iglesias – hey

«You have never loved me, you see / That I have never been yours, I already know / That desire was only out of pride / You see! / What’s the use of bragging now? / Now that I’m no longer with you/ What will you tell them about me?», cries a broken Julio Iglesias in hey, a song released on the album with the same name. Despite being the quintessential flirt and the protagonist of huge memes for it, the artist also has feelings for him.

Bon Iver – for Emma

For Emma is an emotional song that gives its name to For Emma, ​​Forever Ago, the debut album by American folk band Bon Iver, released in July 2007—and re-released on the Jagjaguwar label in February 2008—. The lyrics of the theme, which delighted the indies in the first decade of the two thousand, it reads: “Go find yourself another lover / with all your lies / you endear yourself.”

Leiva – em

There are not a few who think that emthe first single of the album, it is dedicated to Michelle Jenner, although these are mere speculations. In it, she says lines like “Eme, when the sun sets, I’m going to say goodbye / It will be like a collage what we had / Eme, when the sun goes down, I’m going to destroy it
Erase the mark of your fangs.”

Sabine – 19 days and 500 nights

In this popular song, which can boast of being one of the flagship themes of the ubetense, there is talk of a unexpected heartbreak that leaves the sufferer helpless and lost: «Suddenly I saw myself / Like nobody’s dog / Barking, at the gates of heaven / He left me a toiletry bag with grievances / Honey on my lips / And frost on my hair ».

C. Tangana – you stopped loving me

There are many theories about the hints that could have been sent rosalia and C. Tangana as a result of their breakup, but what is undeniable is that both have made a lot of profit from that relationship. In the absence of knowing if Motomami is the recipient of you stopped loving meIt is clear that the melancholic theme describes a break with phrases like “You stopped loving me when I needed you / When I needed it the most / You turned your back on me”.

Maluma – hawaii

The same goes for this remix of Você Partiu My Heart from Nego do Borel. In it, the interpreter of songs like EADMV, says: «You broke my heart / But, my love, there is no problem / Now I can give / A little piece to each girl». More explicit is hawaii, which for some of his listeners is a dart at Natalia Barulích, his ex-girlfriend. “I won’t tell you who, but they saw you crying for me / It is seen that he treats you well, that he is a true gentleman / But that will not change that I arrived first,” sings the Colombian.

Louis Cepeda – gentlemen

In the middle of the pandemic, the Galician released this song that took a very short time to relate to Aitana, with whom he had a affair that began when they both agreed on Triumph operation. “They were months where you went with whoever comes across first / And you see, who would have said it / That you chose the captain of all / From a little paper boat where there is plenty of nonsense / Navigating through a world where there is plenty of hypocrisy”, says the lyrics.

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