Cabañas returns to America, Henry’s surprising reaction to see him in Coapa

Henry Martin and Salvador Cabañas
Henry Martin and Salvador Cabañas

Club América has enjoyed great players throughout its history who have marked not only an era in the club but in all of Mexican soccer, unfortunately in recent years in Coapa they have lacked these great legends to which they were accustomed and Probably one of the last great idols that the team had was the Paraguayan Salvador Cabanas.

Cabañas is one of those players who marked an entire era in the team despite the fact that he failed to win any title with the club because when he was at América the team was going through one of the worst stages in the history of the institution, Despite that, the fans are quite fond of him for his goals and the way in which he always gave himself on the field.

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To the surprise of all the fans, the Paraguayan attacker known as El Mariscal in his glory days in Mexico returned to the Coapa facilities after a long time, he returned to the place where he became an idol but unfortunately his career was cut short. career for the accident in the bar that almost cost him his life.

Henry’s reaction to seeing Cabañas in America.

Henry Martín is the current captain and one of the most important players of Club América, but Martín did not always have the same luck in Coapa because he had quite weak seasons in Coapa to the point that the fans asked for his departure from the club and as a sign of Henry’s affection towards Cabañas, Martín touched Chava’s legs and then his own, this being a show of respect and admiration because he wants something of the quality that Cabañas has to “stick”.

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