Cadena couldn’t take it anymore and exhibited the person responsible for Chivas’s bad duel against Atlas

Cadena exhibited one of those responsible for the bad first half of Chivas
Cadena exhibited one of those responsible for the bad first half of Chivas

After the first 45 minutes between Chivas and Atlas at the Akron stadium, Mexican coach Ricardo Cadena did not shake his hand to still get those responsible for the two goals from the red and black team.

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With the idea of ​​leveling the match, Ricardo Cadena decided to take out Eduardo Torres, responsible for Jeremy Márquez’s two goals in the first half between Chivas and Atlas. On the other hand, in the case of Pavel Pérez there was also a substitution for a more offensive player.

The entry of Sergio Flores and José Juan Macías notably changed the face of the rojiblanco team; however, after a resentment in the injury of the Mexican striker Alexis Vega, he had to give way to the entry of Ángel Zaldívar.

Chain not to use Eduardo Torres again?

The Chivas youth squad lost the great opportunity and to establish himself in the starting position and Ricardo Cadena would consider the return to the fields of Sergio ‘Morsa’ Flores, who was a trusted player of Marcelo Michel Leaño and now Cadena would begin to use him frequently.

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