Cadiz, seen through a film map

a movie ride through the center of Malaga or Sevillea car tour of the filming locations of the Cabo de Gata or the Axarquia Coast malagueña, a journey through the most cinematographic spaces of Carmona or Cordobaa route through osuna either Grenade… are some of the proposals of the ‘Andalucía Film Commission’ cinema maps. In which there has been room, of course, for Cadiz.

Prepared with the collaboration of the Network of Film Cities, which brings together film offices from all over Andalusia, these maps provide all the necessary instructions to make a route on foot or by car by the most cinematographic places of the Andalusian community. They specify itinerary, duration and information about each stop. As well as have recommendations on what not to miss at each designated destination.

Map of Cádiz to follow the Film route proposed by Andalucía Film Commission

andalucia film commission

These maps allow, through QR codes or a direct link, access to the itinerary on Google Maps or to the ‘Andalusia, film destination’ website for further information on the chosen destination. ‘Indiana Jones’‘Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Game of Thrones’,‘The Crown’ either ‘The Money Heist’ are some of the titles shot in Andalusia that are present on these routes.

A walking route through Cádiz and its film destinations

A walking routein 60 minutes and where to see the stage up 18 shoots films is the proposal of the Andalucía Film Commission in the capital of Cadiz. where you can go up to 10 strategic points in the city to get to know part of the audiovisual legacy of La Tacita.

From 1 to 10 and from A to E, the cinema route proposes to start by accessing the old town of the city of Cádiz passing through the Earth Gateone of the best preserved bastions in the city, which in addition to serving to separate old Cadiz and new Cadiz, houses inside the Interpretation Center of its defensive system discovering the city through its walls. To his right, the Ibero-American Puppet Museum. To the left of him, the interesting Lithographic Museum.

Once past this strategic point for Cádiz, the route proposes to start with a walk through the Barrio del Pópulothe oldest in the city and which has hosted numerous filmings, such as ‘Operation Shrimp’ either ‘My big farewell’. Within the neighborhood are the Town Hall, in the Plaza San Juan de Dios, the scene of the Indian movie ‘pathan’ and the New Cathedral, seen in ‘Cuba’, in ‘The spherical letter’ and more recently in ‘1000lines’.

Bordering the cathedral on the right, we come to Campo del Sur Avenue, which has been Havana’s boardwalk in many filmings. Also the scene of one of the most shocking scenes of the film ‘The Rhythm Section’.

We will walk west to reach Playa de la Caleta where the Balneario de Nuestra Señora de la Palma y del Real is located, the scene of the mythical scene of Halle Berry coming out of the water in ‘Die Another Day’, from ‘Alatriste’ and ‘The Turtle Maneuver’. Here, in the neighborhood of La Viña, the one that hosts the caletera beach, other titles have also been shot, such as the Portuguese series ‘Cuba Libre’ or the Dutch feature film ‘My life’.

Halle Berry in ‘Die Another Day’


Continue the route west until you turn right onto Benito Pérez Galdós street and then left towards Plaza de Falla to find the Teatro Falla that appears in ‘Before the burning’.

The route proposes leaving the square through Sta. Rosalía street to visit Genoese Parka historic garden by the sea that appears in ‘bad wolf‘, passing through the Baluarte de la Candelaria to the Alameda Apodaca, which along with other locations in the city appear in the ‘Violet’ series or in the movie ‘Kisses for everyone’.

Continuing to the east is the Plaza Argüelles where scenes from the last season of ‘Killing Eve’. On the way to the next point, he proposes to take advantage of and visit the Plaza de España to later go from there towards the center of the city, to later visit the Oratory of the Holy Cave. To end the film tour, he plans to head towards Calle Ancha, the nerve center of the city and the location of the film. ‘Knight & Day’ by Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.

Andalusia, film destination and scene of multiple filming

The Web ‘Andalusia, film destination’ is a pioneering project, unique in Spain, created by the Andalucía Film Commission in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Junta de Andalucía and in which we can find 27 routesincluding monographic routes of successful series such as ‘Game of Thrones’‘The Crown’ or ‘Plague’feature films, such as ‘The Summer We Live’ or ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, themes such as ‘Playas de Cine’, ‘Movie hotels’, among other titles.

These routes, to which the maps now join, allow us to discover the Andalusian locations showing the variety of destinations from all the provinces, from the coasts to the mountains, deserts and forests, towns and cities, cultural spaces and religious buildings, becoming a complete travel guide through Andalusia for lovers of cinema and television with more than 170 film destinations what can we find in more than 145 movies and series shot in Andalusia.

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