Call 911 if you have any of these symptoms

Do you know what are the symptom alerts for which you should call the 911 or go to emergencies immediately?

We normally think that call 911 It should only be done when a person is unconscious or when an accident has occurred that we cannot handle at home.

However, when it comes to Healththere are many symptom that can denote that something bad is happening and in these cases it is better to err by being cautious than to regret later.

These are 8 symptoms that point to a urgency of health.

8 symptom alarming reasons why you should call 911

If you have chest pain or pressure that lasts longer than a couple of minutes, or if it keeps coming back, it’s time to call the 911since it could be a sign of a heart attack. In these cases you should not try to reach the hospital.

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One of the symptom most serious of covid-19 is the difficulty breathing, but there are other diseases that can cause this symptom. When you feel that it is difficult for you to inhale air and breathe and also have nausea, chest pain or fainting, you could be suffering from a heart attack or one pulmonary embolism.

If you suddenly have blurred vision, see double, or have vision loss, that could be a sign of a stroke or other serious illness. If you have trouble seeing plus headache, nausea, vomiting, numbness, weakness, dizziness, confusion, or trouble speaking, go to the emergency room right away.

You can usually treat a first degree burn in the house where the symptom They are redness, inflammation and pain in the first layer of the skin.

But you need to go emergencies when the burn it is in a large part of your feet, face, buttocks, groin, or one of the large joints, such as knees or elbows.

Also seek urgent medical attention if you have blisters, spots on the skin (second degree burn) or if it measures more than 5 cm or is charred or white (third degree burn).

Yes there are blood in it threw up or do you have others symptom such as headache or abdominal pain, confusion or fast breathing or heart rate, you should go to emergencies.

The children under 6 years should be attended to immediately if the vomiting last more than a few hours or show any signs of dehydration. Children older than 6 years and Adults should see a doctor if they vomiting last more than a day or have a high fever.

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A blow to the head can be serious and require immediate medical attention if you pass out, have a seizure or a headache that does not go away, persistent nausea or vomiting, slurred speech, or feel confused, weak, numb, or less coordinated.

If you cut yourself or have a wound where you can see yellow fatty tissue under the first layer of skin, you must go to emergencies. The same case is if the wound does not close or if it is on the face, neck, genitals, or across a joint.

You should also go if you have bitten a person or a animal, if you have cut yourself with a dirty or rusty object or if you are bleeding a lot or have a foreign object stuck in the cut.

  • Confusion or trouble speaking

These are two of the symptom most frequent of a stroke and what do they need immediate medical attention. Others symptom of a stroke are sudden problems walking or balancing, severe headache, drooping on one side of the face, and numbness or weakness on one side of the body.


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