Caltanissetta: the new three-year period of the School of General Medicine opens at Cefpas – il Fatto Nisseno

“Investing in new skills to improve health targets”

This morning at CEFPAS – in the presence of about 200 doctors from all over Sicily, the Regional Health Councilor Ruggero Razza and numerous stakeholders of the health system – the 2021-2024 training three-year period of the Specific Training School in General Medicine was inaugurated. The School is the educational structure entrusted by the Sicilian Region to the Nyssian Health Training Center with the aim of guaranteeing a greater professional qualification of the doctor and improving the organization and delivery system of primary care, guaranteeing greater quality at the level of health and welfare of the population.

Partners of the School are the Provincial Orders of Doctors and Surgeons and Dentists of Palermo, Catania and Messina, headquarters of the three training centers. The Specific Training School in General Medicine allows doctors to acquire the necessary qualification to exercise the activity of general practitioner, according to the guidelines of European, national and regional legislation. The three-year school provides a commitment of 4,800 hours of which two thirds in hospitals and doctors who already practice the profession.

“It is well known how the health emergency has highlighted all the fragility of local healthcare, bringing the interest of governance back to the importance of medicine closer to citizens – he says Toti Amato, Director of the School and president of the Palermo Order of Surgeons and Dentists -. At the heart of the 15 billion allocated to PNRR mission 6 (Health) are investments in telemedicine and community homes, as multipurpose structures capable of providing an appropriate response to the health needs of the population. The central government has planned 1,288 structures to be built across the country by 2026, where a multidisciplinary team of doctors will operate that citizens will be able to consult in the same place. How it will happen is not yet clear, but the challenge remains to make these houses a real point of reference for the population. For this to happen, an organizational and process revolution is needed, and a new model of sharing and interaction between all professionals that goes beyond the single electronic file that collects the data of all patients. We need management skills capable of guiding the process for proximity to work, especially in regions such as Sicily where there have never been similar experiences “.

“In contexts of change such as healthcare, the continuous training we are starting today has great value for the personal and professional growth of general practitioners, who represent a strategic point of reference for our healthcare service – he said at the opening of the proceedings. Roberto Sanfilippo, Director General of CEFPAS (cover photo) -. The proposed training model involves doctors with updated, interactive and participatory teaching that aims to create an authentic and solid community of practices among professionals, also thanks to the partnership that CEFPAS has entered into with professional associations and the contribution of its representatives. and teachers. The GP School is a valuable support tool for regional health policies that allows us to provide useful answers to problems in the organization and management of local services for primary care and for local health services “.

“After the pandemic era, the training activities of the GP School resume in the presence with the launch of eight simultaneous courses for this three-year period: four in Palermo, three in Catania and one in Messina. The classroom approach will allow doctors to discuss, acquire new knowledge, work in groups, carry out simulation activities and participate in laboratories, with obvious learning results, even in emotional terms – he explains Pier Sergio Caltabiano, Director of Formation of CEFPAS -. The training offer of the new three-year period, aimed at general practitioners, will be dedicated to developing skills related to telemedicine, to improve the communicative relationship with patients and to intervene on many medical-scientific trends that will make their knowledge and skills integrated and performing. . There is a strong need for new skills for the medical professions that will make up for the numerous retirements. The best response to professional turnover is to ensure high quality training which will constitute an asset for the entire health service “.

The presentation was also attended by: Mario La Rocca (DASOE General Manager), Patrizia Montante (DASOE Training Service 2 Manager), Ignazio La Mantia (OMCeO Catania President), Giacomo Caudo (OMCeO Messina President), Fabrizio De Nicola (ARNAS General Manager “Garibaldi” of Catania), Salvatore Giuffrida (General Director of the “Cannizzaro” Hospital of Catania), Giovanni Mauro (CEFPAS Administrative Director), Eleonora Indorato (Director of the MMG School), Giovanni Merlino (Coordinator of the Palermo Pole), Marcello Scifo ( Coordinator of the Catania Campus), Aurelio Lembo (Coordinator of the Messina Campus), Luigi Spicola (Head of the Theoretical Activity of the Palermo Campus), Giovanni Benedetto (Head of Theoretical Activity of the Catania Campus), Umberto Alecci (Head of ‘Theoretical activity of the Polo di Messina), Silvia Radosti (Head of the practical activity of the Polo of Palermo), Vincenza Paradisi (Head of the practical activity of the Polo d i Catania) and Riccardo Scoglio (Head of Theoretical Activity of the Messina Campus).

“The school of general medicine will give you training, but above all awareness of the fundamental value of the profession for proximity care. Between pandemics, Pnrr investments and new skills in territorial medicine, healthcare is changing, bringing with it community houses, health networks with other subjects in the area and technological innovation. Hence the need for specialist training in general medicine capable of withstanding the novelties of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “.

The director of the School of General Medicine Toti Amato, president of Omceo Palermo and councilor of Fnomceo said this this morning at the Cefpas headquarters in Caltanissetta, at the start of the lessons in the presence of the three-year period 2021-2024 of the “Specific training course in general medicine “.

“At the heart of the 15 billion Pnrr investments – continued Amato (photo below) – there are 4 billion destined for telemedicine and 2 assigned to 1288 community homes to be built throughout the country by 2026. A house for every 24,500 inhabitants , as a multipurpose facility capable of delivering an appropriate response to the health needs of the population through the work of a multidisciplinary team made up of specialists, nurses and other health professionals. But the real filter with the territory, to contain the overload of the hospitals, will be the presence of general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice, who will be able to work in the structures or from their studies “.

“In the houses, citizens will be able to consult a doctor, every day and at any time, or have assistance to solve most of the health problems in the same place. How this will happen is not yet clear. However, there remains the challenge of making these spaces a true reference point for health. It is not easy. We need an organizational and process revolution and a new training model for sharing and interaction between all healthcare professionals. Not only. The health service also needs management skills capable of guiding the new process and making the proximity of the homes and community hospitals work, especially in regions such as Sicily where there have never been similar experiences “.

Attached are the photos of the inauguration of the GP School.

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