Camacho Quinn is ready to shine today in Ponce

Ponce. Jasmine Camacho Quinn arrives in Ponce this Thursday for the International Athletics Classic not only as the Puerto Rican querendona but also as the Olympic medalist and the best athlete in the world in her 100-meter hurdles event since 2021.

The dynamic, however, is different for her in 2022 compared to last year, she said, in the sense that everyone wants to see her win, including this Thursday in Ponce.

The athlete said that she does not know if, being under the spotlight, this season will be more competitive and harder to win than the previous one, the one that she dominated from the shot in January until reaching the finish line in the final of her event in the Tokyo Olympics in August.

He did say he will do his part.

“I know those who stand with me at the exit. I know what they are capable of. I don’t worry about others. If it is a tough season, it will be a tough season, and may the best win,” Camacho Quinn said in an interview with Primera Hora at the Ponce Hilton.

Camacho Quinn won every 100m hurdles race he completed in 2021. He had the best four times of the season, including the Olympic record of 12.26 seconds he did in the Tokyo 2020 semi-final.

This year, the athlete started the season well. She already has the best time of the season, 12.39, although she crashed the race before Ponce on Thursday, which she took lightly.

“Better that it happened to me now than in the World Cup and knowing what I have to adjust in all the races that I have coming soon,” said the athlete classified for the Oregon 2022 World Championship in July.

Jasmine Camacho Quinn shows her happiness in Ponce, where she runs for the first time in her career.
Jasmine Camacho Quinn shows her happiness in Ponce, where she runs for the first time in her career. (Ramon “Tonito” Zayas)

Ponce is not the exception of the 2022 season that Camacho Quinn could face, who said that he has felt very comfortable with his first visit to run in Ponce and with the Mondo surface that they installed in Parquito Montaner.

“It feels amazing, like on the track in Tokyo,” said the athlete who won all three of her Games races at the Tokyo Olympic stadium convincingly.

Ponce will line up with Camacho Quinn five runners who have dropped 13 seconds this year in the 100-meter hurdles, including the Puerto Rican Paola Vazquez. There is also the Jamaican Olympian Danielle Williamswho has run this year for 12.61 and the American Aunt Joneswhose best time of the season is 12.59.

The athlete did not predict a world record in Ponce, but rather her desire to have a clean race.

“If it happens, it happens. What I want is to make my career and have a clean performance, without hitting the fences,” she said.

Later you will have more competition. At some point in the season he will have to face the American Kendra Harrison, the holder of the world record (12.20) and who lost against the Puerto Rican in the final of Tokyo 2020. That was Harrison’s first defeat against Camacho Quinn in his race.

She will also have to face other emerging and veteran runners who have started the season well, such as the 24-year-old American Tonea Marshall, who has run 12.36 this year, or the veteran Nia Ali, who has run 12.59 this year.

They are all looking at Camacho Quinn, who said he knows what they want.

“Everything changes now that I am a professional and at the top of the competition. In university it is different from professional. There is pressure in that, but like I said: I have to do my part and go from there,” she said.

After Ponce, Camacho Quinn will return to competition on May 28 at an event in Oregon, at the Prefontaine event, which is part of the Diamond League, although the 100m hurdles is not part of the League. Later, Camacho Quinn said that he will jump to Europe.

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