Cameron Díaz (50) reveals which exercise helps her maintain her figure

cameron diaz how to hold the line

Cameron Díaz how she manages to enhance her silhouetteNBC – Getty Images

let’s face it Cameron Diaz’s silhouette does not change. at 50 years oldthe figure of the American actress looks just as agile and resplendent as when he started in the industry at age 21. The titles have been piling up in a large filmography, but their curves have remained intact. And yes, we already know how he has achieved it.

Like many of us, Cameron Diaz has a special exercise. A movement that, as happens, for example, with the hip thrust for Blanca Suárez or the squat in the case of Rosa López, has become the star of her good habits. The person directly responsible, so to speak, for what your muscles remain just as toned. Something that, from the age of 40 or the arrival of menopause, is not so easy.

And “what’s the secret?”, you may be wondering. Well, recently Cameron Diaz shared with the medium E! News that for her your perfect fitness method it was simply pressing play on his playlist and dancing. Simple truth? And it is that this movement, whether it is better or worse, helps us all release endorphins.

Even more so, when it sounds like that capable of cheering us up even the grayest day and that motivates our hips or heads to keep swaying. And it is that, in a very small space, as the artist well qualified, you can boost your cardio (you will sweat so wear light or at least breathable clothing) and even work your muscles depending on the exercises you do.

Because yes, the dance improves coordination, own agility and flexibility. And, although it may seem incredible to you, it not only has its impact on a physical level; dancing reduces the risk of dementia well it helps stimulate memory and mood.

Seriously, depending on the music you choose, you can score an impressive HIIT workout in record time. So, you know, if it’s been a long day and you don’t feel like going to the gym or following a hard exercise routine, this can be an option out of 10.

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