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In 2022 Cameron Diaz surprised his fans by announcing his return to acting with the Netflix movie ‘Back in action’, in which he will share credits with Jamie Foxx.

Both announcements have excited the followers of the actresses and the odd movie buff, who have not stopped expressing their emotion through social networks.

Cameron Diaz fans are excited for his return to acting

Although Netflix posted on its Twitter account that “Back in action” will begin production in the coming months, several of his followers could not contain their excitement at the return of the actress:

The last film in which Cameron Diaz had appeared was in ‘Annie’ (2014), the film adaptation of a Broadway musical that tells the adventures of a little orphan.

However, the official announcement of her retirement was given until 2018 and in an interview for ‘Entertainment weekly’ (2018) she commented that she was more focused on her family life and her organic wine company ‘Avaline’.

It took four years for Diaz to change his mind and his fans with or fit of emotion:

Some even joked about the absence of the eight-year-old interpreter on the screens, stating that she was still alive:

But without a doubt there is more than one super excited to see her again on screen:

And it is that more than one Internet user has assured that the return of Cameron Diaz would help in the improvement of romantic comedies, since they comment that “the cinema is in crisis”:

Julia Roberts fans are happy to see her in a romantic comedy with George Clooney

The protagonist of ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990) recorded her latest productions in 2018, a film called ‘Come back to me’ and a series called ‘Homecoming’.

Now, four years later, she will return to romantic comedies with the film ‘Ticket to paradise’, in which she will play a divorced woman who makes an alliance with her ex (George Clooney) to prevent her daughter from marrying a man who just met.

This is a light romantic comedy that fans are already clapping for because it portrays a simple and cute side of love:

In fact, more than one Internet user has commented that seeing George Clooney and Julia Roberts falling in love in a movie is a delight for them:

Roberts and Clooney have worked on several films together such as ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (2001), ‘Confessions of a dangerous mind’ (2002) and the last one was ‘Money Monster’ (2016).

It is undeniable that their chemistry on screen has caused their fans to keep their hope of finding a love worthy of Hollywood:

It only remains to wait for the premiere of ‘Ticket to paradise’ for October 21, 2022, of course Julia’s fans are already loving the tape without even having seen it before:

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