Cami Gallardo concert: She received criticism saying that she copied Selena Gómez and Dua Lipa

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This Saturday night, there were flames in the Movistar Arena and it was because after two years postponing the concert, Cami He was finally able to carry it out this Saturday, June 25, an event that he did with everything.

One of the great moments that attracted the most attention tonight and that surprised his more than 15 thousand fans who went to see her with her presentation that she called “Road to Chaos”, was that she was not alone on stage, but accompanied with the 30 participants of her team in The Voice Chile.

The moment without a doubt was one of the ones that marked the night the most, since both she and her team they sang their big hit “Hug Me”.

In the videos that were shared through social networks, you can hear how the interpreter, after that presentation ended, expresses “A very loud round of applause for all these beautiful artists. Each one unique, each one authentic, unique voices, who are also on my team.”

Then, before this emotional presentation, she added “artists that I have the tremendous privilege of knowing closely.”

Dress and attitude on stage

Likewise, another situation that could not be overlooked at this Cami concert was the change of outfits and the way she moved on stage.

In the first case, as has been seen in videos that have gone viral on social networks, he wore two outfits that definitely gave something to talk about, but not because of the design, but because They criticized her saying that she copied them from other singers.

One of the ones we could see was a transparent onesie with glitter, which received comments that tried to copy Dua Lipa and, the other outfit, in which we can see Cami with a black outfit accompanied by long green boots, they compared it to one Selena Gomez wore at last year’s UEFA Champions League show.

Similar outfits between Dua Lipa and Cami / Cami Photography: Very Vesta by @nayicolucci.

Cami’s and Selena Gomez’s outfits from last night.

As for the second theme, there were also moments that also caused laughter and applause. First it was a striking action in which Cami decided to take a “dry” shot before continuing with the presentation of her songs. Then, they threw a shell-shaped balloon at her and she jokingly expressed “Sorry, I threw the shell at the chuña”.

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