Camila Cabello against body shaming: every body is unique


Camila Cabello it is always her, only with softer shapes. The overseas pop star lately is showing off a different physique from what we were used to: the wider hips, cellulite on the thighs are the characteristics that most catch the eye of the fans, who, however, do not abandon her even now that the body shamers attack her. The photos in question are not editorials or “official” photo shoots, they are obviously paparazzi in which the young twenty-four year old appears in her naturalness.

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The support of fans, the so-called Camilizers, and the determination that has always distinguished her were the factors that led Camila to respond to body shamers, claiming the uniqueness and beauty of each body, especially the female one. His is a strong and clear message because it emphasizes that no one has to give explanations or apologize for their physical appearance and it is important, indeed, fundamental, to remove the blinkers when looking at a woman’s body.

Camila Cabello physicist
Photo: Instagram

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The girlfriend of Shawn Mendes and former member of the American group Fifth Harmony she maintains that the important thing is not to fail in her own principles and values, and she says she is eager to be able to present herself to the new generations as an example of authenticity: “The false is becoming the new real. We have a completely unrealistic view of a woman’s body. Girls, cellulite is normal. Fat is normal. It’s beautiful and natural.”


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Camila Cabello’s response to body shamers

The body positive theme in recent times has become predominant due to the freedom with which on social media everyone is free to expose their opinions, which are sometimes also bad and denigrating. The role of many characters of the show goes in the direction of sensitizing the new generations to proudly show their body and even more their diversity, where diversity means novelty and enrichment. For themselves and for others.

Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes
Photo: Instagram, @camila_cabello


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