Camila Cabello and the message of body positivity on TikTok


Nhe last years, there are many Italian and international stars who are spending words in favor of body positivity. Many Hollywood divas, singers, characters who are part of the entertainment world are getting showing naturally on their social profiles, without hiding their physical defects – such as acne, cellulite and stretch marks – to incite their fans to not to be slaves to unreal aesthetic ideals, which in most cases are not true.

Camila Cabello: “I do not hide my body”

To this already well-nourished group of stars is added today also the American singer Camila Cabello, 24 years old, who on TikTok told his insecurities – then overcome – in showing his body.


i luv my body

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The companion of Shawn Mendes she recovered from inside her car, immediately after going to run to the park in tops and shorts. “I was just running to the park,” says the singer of Havana, «thinking about my facts and trying to keep fit and healthy.”

Then, at one point, his thoughts focused on his clothing. «I was wearing a short top, which showed my belly“, camila Cabello continued in her video and framing for a moment that part of her body. “I have not hidden it, because i was running and living like a normal person that he does not think of his body all the time!”, he says, raising his voice and making grimaces.

Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello at the American Music Awards (Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

“We are human, and that’s okay”

A few seconds of hesitation, but immediately afterwards she admits that she “remembered that it’s no longer time to be at war against my body». On the contrary: the singer says she feels grateful for that “not perfect” body but that allows her to do “everything I want to do».

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The conclusion of the singer, who will soon be the star of Cinderella, the highly anticipated new Amazon Prime film to be released on September 3, is an yno to inclusion and an ideal of beauty in which boundaries are no longer fixed and standardized. «We are the real women, with the Curves and cellulite, with stretch marks and fat. We are human and that’s fine.”



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