Camila Cabello had a great vacation in Africa

Singer camila cabellowho is very happy with her boyfriend austin kevitchshared on his Instagram account several photos and videos that he took during his vacations in Tanzania and Rwanda, countries that are in Africa.

During the visit, the also actress went to a gorilla sanctuary, which made her reflect, “I never imagined, in my wildest dreams, that I could one day walk in the jungle and be able to look into the eyes of a gorilla on its back.” silver plated and literally bow down in his presence.”

Camila was grateful that there are people dedicated to caring for wildlife, “Knowing that we can have an experience like this and being able to share space with these noble giants, thanks to people dedicated to their conservation and protection. It’s good to know that this is beneficial for both wildlife and local communities in a crucial way.”

“I fell in love with this place and the people we met along the way, shout out to my friend Francois Bigirimana, who have exponentially increased the number of gorillas and are efficiently helping to save these precious creatures from extinction,” Cabello wrote.

Finally, the singer commented: “We were also able to visit Kigali and go to the Rwandan genocide museum. Rwandans are such a compassionate, resilient and strong people; I literally feel like the luckiest person in the world to have gotten to experience this place, and live with these human and non-human people, also known as Gorillas.”

In the images shared by the artist, we can see the impressive mammals, while listening to their expressions of astonishment.

In other post where he posted several photos of his adventure, he commented, “These look like photos you find on Google, but they are real photos we took on the tours we did.”

In the snapshots we can see elephants, lions, giraffes, wildebeest and leopards, animals that he was able to appreciate on his trip.

Finally, Camila Cabello commented, “The Singita reservation was clearly what I had in my dreams. Thank you Tanzanian. God bless you, Africa. Thank you Grumeti Fund for being one of the most comprehensive, holistic and impressive conservation organizations I have ever seen. My heart is going to miss Africa every second I’m not there.”

Cabello is resting after her participation as a judge on season 22 of ‘The Voice’, where she shared her vision on how to stand out in the artistic world, “I believe that every artist should stay true to themselves and that is the most important advice. valuable that I could give”.

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Camila Cabello posed with a heart-stopping bikini on board a yacht.

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