Camila Cabello has dreamed for years of collaborating with Stromae

For the remix of “Mon amour”, Stromae called on Camila Cabello. A collaboration that the singer was already talking about in 2017.

Five months after the release of MULTITUDE, Stromae has released an alternative version of “Mon amour”, a track from his third album. Accompanied by a clip caricaturing a reality TV show, this novelty was the opportunity to collaborate with Camila Cabello. A featuring that owes nothing to chance. Indeed, the singer had already hypothesized in 2015, then in 2017.

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Camila Cabello: two prestigious collaborations to her credit

In 2017 it is at Mouv’, on the set of SNAPNMIX, that Camila Cabello was talking about Sromae. When asked about her “dream” collaborations, this is what she answered: “I know he’s not French but I love Stromae. In fact, I know a lot of his songs.Even crazier, it was the Twitter account @cabelloshealth1 which brought out a video dating back to 2015, in which the singer was already talking about her attraction to Belgian music.

Today, the circle is complete and Camila Cabello made it clear on Twitter. “One of my dream collabs crossed off the list“, this is how she presented her verse on “My love”. On this list, the singer was also able to cross out another name in the person of Ed Sheeran, with whom she collaborated on her latest album, Family. Two prestigious collaborations in the space of a few weeks.

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