Camila Cabello is tired of being photographed in a bikini and sends a message

This weekend, singer Camila Cabello was unknowingly photographed strolling the beach in Miami, and she’s had enough.

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It didn’t take much to ruin Camila’s beach day, and she took to Twitter and Instagram to express her discomfort with the situation. She explains that she has already been photographed by paparazzi there.

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“Every time I feel super vulnerable and caught off guard. I’ve worn undersized bikinis there before without caring, and then I saw the pictures and comments online and was shocked.”

Because of this, the singer felt compelled to “prepare” for this personal day at the beach.

“I bought a brand new bikini, a super cute new set, applied some gloss and ate nothing too heavy before going for a swim in the ocean, because I knew it was going to turn into a real photo shoot. I pulled in my belly so hard my abs hurt and I didn’t breathe I barely smiled because I was too self-conscious that paparazzi were there all day long and I couldn’t not relax. »


Indeed, this is not the first time that Camila has been photographed in this way and that people have commented on her body. She also had an important message to send on this subject.

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“I keep telling myself that the reason why I have a complex is a reflection of society. A society that has been so used to a certain image of a “healthy” woman that does not reflect the reality of many women.”


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Camila Cabello wanted to share her experience to raise awareness about the pressure some people are under due to people’s comments and people’s obsession with perfectly lean and muscular bodies.

“We see pictures of women and praise them when they are thin and ‘healthy’, but is it really healthy if we are so obsessed with the appearance of our bodies that our mental health suffers and our mental health suffers? ‘it’s impossible to just enjoy life?

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