Camila Cabello launches her California mansion for sale

The famous singer of Cuban-American origin Camila Cabello says goodbye to her luxurious mansion in Los Angeles, California. A beauty of construction where luxury and comfort abound with an absolutely Mediterranean construction style and a construction date that dates back to 1977. The property offers 332 square meters of surface area, as well as four bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms with a location on Sunset Strip.

The interpreter of the famous hit “Celia” owned the house for only a couple of years in the company of her then-boyfriend Shawn Mendes and to finish erasing it from her mind, she has sold it for 3.95 million dollars. The fact of being a house located in Los Angeles stands outa site cataloged as a magnet by celebrities and where The actor Will Smith maintains a residence in a luxurious mansion, as well as the film director Justin Lin with his great penthouse.

The singer Camila Cabello and her Mediterranean-style mansion

The house is full of amenities where luxury and comfort abound for its inhabitants, from a saltwater pool to a functional recording studio and a gourmet style kitchen. The aged wooden floors and imported tiles also stand out to give a touch of great personality and accentuate the Mediterranean style of the building.

luxury recording room spaces

The open-plan layout is a no-brainer for the kitchen, which offers rustic styling and high-end appliances accompanied by a breakfast bar and stone-built countertops. With a direct connection with the outside through a retractable wall made of restored wood and glasswhich opens onto the terrace located in the backyard of the mansion.

The places to drink and enjoy the sun and the fresh air are abundant, in addition to external areas specially designed for outdoor meals such as barbecues and roasts. It also highlights a decorative fireplace, which is made from tiles, managing to give a touch of genius and great warmth to the entire outdoor area.

dressing room fireplace technology decoration

The mansion enjoys maintaining a 3-story architectural structure or levels with a perfect distribution of the bedrooms on the 2 upper floors, the main suite being outstanding, which has been equipped with a large dressing room and a beautiful fireplace. While the fourth – bedroom that was originally located on the main level of the house, was modified by Camila to be turned into a complex recording studio with state-of-the-art technology and a vocal booth was added in the garage area.

A beautiful house with comfortable spaces to enjoy the climate of Los Angeles

Both its private patio and its terrace, as well as its internal areas, are fully designed to achieve the maximum contemporaneity of the spaces, through the integration of retractable glass doors capable of generating a sensation of great spaciousness and create a seamless transition and union between the internal and external environments. This is especially beneficial to generate a great contact with the outdoor areas and enjoy the wonderful climate that California generally offers its inhabitants.

security wood glass doors

The Mediterranean architectural style and decoration with a marked tendency towards a Spanish leaning, they make the entire mansion a construction that is simply beautiful, functional and luxurious; but full of simplicity to deliver large quotas of rest and security thanks to the private surveillance systems that manage to keep intruders and prying eyes of the public away.

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