Camila Cabello talks with Selena Gómez about her biggest fears about mental health

Camila Hair.

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Singer Camila Hair Over the years, he has become a very transparent person when it comes to openly reflecting on mental health issues. Today, the former vocalist of the band Fifth Harmony expresses herself clearly and practically without insecurities of any kind about those challenges that she has to face daily on a psychological level.

However, and as he has confessed in conversation with the also interpreter Selena GomezBefore changing her mentality and giving these issues the importance and naturalness they deserve, the pop star tried to hide her concerns about this key aspect of her overall well-being. As it happens to so many people, the stigmas related to mental and emotional problems terrified him and prevented him from even asking for professional help.

It was a counterproductive dynamic, since that secrecy did nothing but intensify his already traditional anxiety: “The mere idea of ​​having to talk about these things made me anxious. Before I embarked on this journey, I was scared at the prospect of finding out that something strange was happening to me. He told me: ‘This can’t be normal, I think my brain is broken’“, The artist has admitted in the new issue of Wondermind magazine.

Camila has also revealed to the former Disney star that her psychological setbacks, and the anxiety derived from her status as a taboo subject, ended up taking a toll even on her physique. “In my mind she felt like a loop, something akin to the obsessive-compulsive dynamic. But in my body it manifested itself with a great tension, as if I could not move. My hands were like tied and my whole body constricted“, has explained.

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