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Camila Homs opted for a new look that is a trend

The model went through the hairdresser’s and renewed her image with side bangs.

camila homs She went to the hairdresser’s and renewed her look to start this new year completely renewed. The model and former partner of Rodrigo dePaul visited her stylist Max Jaraand the bangs trend was encouraged.

The young woman cut the ends of her hair, touched up her blonde and chose a messy side bang. “Number 1 forever and ever”, she captioned photos she took with her hairdresser.

Within a few minutes, his post garnered more than 60,000 “likes” and hundreds of messages from his followers who praised his new look.

The truth is that side bangs, which became fashionable in the 2000s, came back to conquer us again. This is a very good option for those women who want to change their look and do not know what, and for those who do not want to completely clear their face. The most important thing is that whether it is short or long hair or in any type of tone, it looks good and is very flattering.

The new look of Camila Homs
The new look of Camila Homs.
Camila Homs showed her new and trendy look
Camila Homs showed her new and trendy look.

This is the total white living room by Camila Homs

After his separation from Rodrigo de Paul, Camila Homs moved last year to his luxurious apartment in Puerto Madero with his two children, Francesca Y Baptist.

This apartment located in an exclusive area of ​​the City has a spacious and bright living-dining room in which the color white predominates. The model chose that the ceiling and walls are painted in this tone, and that its floor is floating pvc in a light wood color.

In addition, this space has a large window with white voile curtains that allows the entry of natural light. In front is a television set on a white rack with shelves and drawers.

In addition, it can be seen that there is a table that has iron legs, a marble top and six velvety white studded chairs. In this environment of her house, Cami added some pictures with phrases in English that contain motivational messages.

His room also follows this decorative line since the monochrome of white is also repeated. The double bed has a back upholstered in leather with off-white quilting and the bed is dressed with matching pillows and down. The same flower pots that are in the living room are also repeated in the bedroom.

Camila Homs' living room
Camila Homs’ living room.

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