‘Camille’ the most voluminous version of the ‘Shaggy’ haircut

We have lost count of the number of times we have described the benefits of the haircut shaggy. You know, that seventies mane full of layers that start at jaw level and are combed with all the volume possible. A classic with which it is impossible to go wrong. However, we also recognize that it may be time to modernize it. An idea that they have proposed to us the experts of Llongueraswho bet on starting from wavy shaggy who succeeded last year thanks to names like Taylor Swift, Zendaya, Bella Hadid or Billie Eilish, and go one step further. They have even given her a proper name that sounds like the most chic girl in Paris: camille.

Jennifer Aniston

A Shag for each length of hair

how is the cut camille?

From Llongueras They reveal that it is a creative, free and personalized option for each of their clients, which involves different cutting techniques. “It is a court review shaggy that was invented in the 70s when the movement arose punk and that popularized the cinema thanks to figures like Jane Fonda who wore it in her cult movie Klute (1971). A looks rebellious and groundbreaking that marked the spirit of the time. In the 90s it became popular again thanks to actresses like Jennifer Aniston, and her character as Rachel in friendsand every decade it is updated to adapt to new, more modern versions and according to the tastes of the client”, they affirm.

Among its main characteristics we have the texture it provides, in addition to volume and movement. The upper zone is filled with very short layers, which descend to the jaw, leaving the final part longer, as if we were combining a Morrison with a mane midis. “One of its great advantages is that it can be done on any type of hair, whether it is short or long hair. Also, accept different shapes of bangs like the straight ones, to one side, extra long or paraded”, they point out.

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