‘Camille’, the new haircut that modernizes Taylor Swift’s popular ‘wavy shaggy’

The new haircut dubbed ‘camille‘ by the experts of Llongueras is positioned as one of the great bets of the year. It is a proposal inspired by the ‘wavy shaggy’, a hairstyle that already caused a sensation last season and that has made it world famous. celebrities What Taylor Swift (33 years), zendaya (26), Bella Hadid (26) or billie eilish (twenty-one).

Of this new haircut, its personalized design stands out “as if it were a work of art, where freedom and creativity go hand in hand to create, with different cutting techniques, a divine finish”, the experts explain.

‘Camille’ is a revisiting of the ‘shaggy’ cut that was invented in the 1970s when the movement emerged punk and that popularized the cinema thanks to figures like Jane Fonda (85), who wore it in his cult movie Klute. A looks rebellious and groundbreaking that marked the spirit of the time. In the 90s it became popular again thanks to actresses like Jennifer Aniston (53), and her character as Rachel in friendsand every decade it is updated to adapt to new, more modern versions.

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Taylor Swift sporting a 'wavy shaggy' haircut.

Taylor Swift sporting a ‘wavy shaggy’ haircut.


This more conceptual version of the ‘shaggy’ haircut create volumes by alternating different cuts on the top layer of the hair to give it more movement and texture. As one hairstyling expert explains, this cut is “a straight front design paraded at the height of the eyebrows that opens, freeing the cheekbone area. The upper area is staggered in the shape of a bob, building a midi cut line below the shoulders”. A look that provides texture, volume and movement to the hair.

One of its great advantages is that can be done on any type of hair, either a short or long mane. Also, accept different shapes of bangs like the straight ones, to the side, extra long or paraded. On the other hand, it looks good on all types of faces and skin tones. Being free cut, it can be readjusted according to the shape of the face.

The way to comb it is quite simple. Those who want to join this trend can resort to a dryer or irons and will not have to invest much time in their arrangement. for hair curly, you could use a product that defines or enhances the curl. To do this, “it is best to remove moisture from the hair with a cotton towel and let it air dry or with a dryer with a diffuser and then open the curl with a comb or even with your fingers to give the desired finish,” they recommend. the Llongueras experts. Another trick is the use of lacquers.

In order to maintain the perfect cut, it is recommended to go every four or six weeks to the hairdresserin order to show off a natural mane, with movement and youthful.

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