Camille Vasquez ‘Take advantage’ of Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard with one last much-celebrated achievement

Lto lawyer Camille Vasquezfamous for defending Johnny Depp in the defamation lawsuit against AmberHeard, is back in the news for an achievement that has been highly celebrated by all. Because this movement has been announced on a social network, specifically on LinkedInwhere he highlighted a professional change.

After leading the legal team of Johnny Depp, with a performance that was highly acclaimed, the law firm for which she works decided to promote her to partner. In this way, she signs it Brown Rudnick rewarded her with this professional promotion after more than four years of collaboration.

It is evident that Vasquez She ‘took advantage’ of her appearance in this trial, however, she admitted that she always wanted to keep her private life separate as much as possible, since it was a surprise for her to become so famous at world level, with request for interviews in all media.

The lawyer did a job recognized by Depp. The actor valued her defense and that she managed to maintain her reputation, at the cost of the accusations that her ex-partner had made about the actor from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Vasquez She tries to get away from the media spotlight, however, on LinkedIn she has wanted to share with all her contacts that achievement of which she feels so proud and satisfied. Since, as she has recognized on different occasions, the most important thing for her is her career.

Therefore, she has no plans to take advantage of this repercussion in all media and remains focused on continuing her dedication to law. Of course, Johnny Depp can boast of having one of the best lawyers in the world at his side.

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