Camilo and Evaluna are exposed in a video that shakes Mexico

Camilo and Evaluna Montaner are already parents of their first daughter called “indigo”, enjoying together their world tour as a family which begins in Mexico on the De Adentro pa Fuera tour, where the beautiful new mother published a video that shook everyone from her Ford. We show you…

Camilo and Evaluna they experience the best stage of their lives, since their daughter Indigo was born, an exciting event for all their fans, the family and especially Ricardo Montaner who enjoys his new granddaughter.

It should be noted that each experience of new parents is published on their social networks, filling with joy the images where their baby appears, awakening tenderness everywhere and thousands of reactions that do not stop multiplying.

On the other hand, the couple surprisingly, has shown that in each important stage of their life there is always an extraordinary car that accompanies thembecoming the great accomplice of its novelties and secrets.

Facing the world tour of the Colombian singer, which would be the first with his wife and daughter, the tour “From Inside to Outside” begins in Mexico, publishing to the four winds his happiness although A previous video of Evaluna in her family car would have exposed the interpreter of the musical theme “Pegao”.

The vehicle itself is Classic Ford Broncoa special off-roader and the first of the pair that they boast about on their social networks, enjoying its maximum speed of 180km/h, front engine and four-wheel drive plus extraordinary space to equip yourself with what you need while traveling the roads in the ideal option .

However, Camilo said he had a problem in the horn of your car which later assured that it was repaired, but while doing the demonstration it was very bad and exposed, because the fault persisted, showing a sad face because everything went as least expected. Do not miss the images of his car and the video at the end of this note.

Camilo and Evaluna in their classic Ford Bronco

Camilo behind the wheel of his classic Ford Bronco

Inside of the classic Ford Bronco

+ Watch the video of Camilo and Evaluna that is on everyone’s lips:

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