Camilo changes his appearance to record a new video with Camila Cabello and criticism erupts for Evaluna

29 in. 2023 – 8:00 p.m.

Camilo Echeverry not only released a new video clip with Camila Cabello, he also released a renewed appearance. The Colombian singer decided to change his long and disheveled hair for something more sober.

This is the artist’s first premiere in 2023 and prior to starting his “Adentro pa’ fuera” tour of Latin America. Although the song “Ambulancia” came out last year, it is now when it has an audiovisual.

The video was in charge of Índigo’s wife and mother, Evaluna, who in recent years has accompanied Camilo on his tours and in the production work of each song.

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This is the new look of Camilo Echeverry

The singer is well known for his mustache and his rather informal style, which has been criticized on many occasions. He now he made a radical change and left behind long and disheveled hair.

Camilo’s new look clears his face much more and highlights his features and eyes, which are seen perfectly in the new video he recorded with the Cuban-American artist.

In a series of photos that both shared, Camilo can be seen with the new cut and also a less abundant mustache and beard, while posing with his partner on the recording set.

Fans criticize that Evaluna appears in photos

As has happened on other occasions, Camilo’s followers criticized the fact that Evaluna was part of the production and that she also appeared in one of the photographs between the two.

“How awkward, wanting to record spontaneously, but the wife is back there directing them. They should loosen up a bit, and Camilo make the videos of him as he used to do them ”; “Enough, she changes director. It’s the same all my life, zero creativity”; “I feel that the fire that the song transmits was missing among the protagonists”, were part of some of the reactions left in the post.

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