Camilo premieres the official video of “Pegao” with his daughter Indigo as the protagonist

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Camilo Echeverry finally released the video for his new musical single “Pegao”, which will be included on the disc “From the inside to the outside”, which will come to light in the coming months of 2022.

Through social networks, the Colombian singer announced the release of this song inspired by his little daughter Indigo and the changes you have experienced as a new parent.

At the beginning of the recording, Camilo can be seen holding his daughter Indigo in his arms while discussing the details of his new video with Evaluna.

Indigo stars in her father’s video “Pegao”. Photo: Capture YouTube

“I want to be close to Indigo all day. If you want a video we will record it at home”, says the interpreter.

And so it was, all the scenes were recorded in each of the corners of the house of Camilo and Evaluna. to the rhythm of cumbia, the singer expresses his wishes to remain “stuck” to that loved one, in this case his baby.

Camilo looks adorable in his role as a father. Photo: Capture YouTube

What has attracted attention is that just one month after being bornlittle Indigo appears in the video, inside a stroller and held with a scarf on her father’s chest.

At the moment, the video registers almost 100 thousand reproductions and dozens of positive comments in which followers of Camilo They congratulate him on another success.

Camilo and Indigo appear dancing together
Photo: Capture YouTube

“It was time, it will be a great success”, “As always sticking the songs and making them so sticky that even if you are not a fan, you listen to them and dance to them hahaha. What a Genius!”, “Great, this is ART, your music makes us so happy!!! Pegao is going to be a total success, you are the best Camilo”, were some of the comments.

Watch here the official video of “Pegao” by Camilo Echeverry:

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