Campari toasts the official collaboration with the 75th Cannes Film Festival

On the occasion of Campari’s first year as Official Partner of the Festival of Cannesthe brand organized a spectacular evening that gave life to great cinema stories

CANNESFrance, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –In its first year as an official partner of the festival of Cannesthe iconic Italian red aperitif, Campari, continued to push the limits of creativity to bring its Red Passion to the 75th edition of the world-renowned Film Festival with a memorable evening attended by stars such as actor and producer, Édgar Ramírez, member of the jury of the Festival of Cannes of this year.

Continuing Campari’s existing legacy in the world of cinema and in a location situated in the heart of Cannes, the brand invited each guest to become a protagonist in the world of Campari. The guests of the unmissable evening were treated to a series of unique experiences and the event could be seen from all over the Croisette, with a vibrant red lighting that illuminated the night sky.

The evening was the latest example of how Campari pushes the boundaries of what is expected and goes beyond the norm of storytelling. One of the most prominent feature was an intriguing black cube that, upon entering, invited guests to answer a question reflecting their film preference, activating a visual environment based on their favorite genre. Guests were then served a specially crafted cocktail by a hidden mixologist, which was served through the wall.

The brand’s relationship with cinema began in the 1920s as a platform to express its passion for red and its creativity in intriguing and mysterious ways, including a notable collaboration with Federico Fellini on a television commercial in 1984. This rich history has continued in recent times with the Campari Red Diaries, a series of short films featuring iconic acting and directing legends such as Zoë Saldana, Ana De Armas and many others.

Throughout the evening, guests were invited to enjoy Campari cocktails masterfully created by Camparino in Galleria, the legendary bar opened by Davide Campari in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in 1915 and now ranked number 27 in the 2022 World’s 50 Best Bars list.

To honor the first year of the Official Association, Camparino in Galleria has created a unique cocktail that will be served exclusively at the Festival of Cannes: Red Carpet – Cannes Edition. The cocktail is a perfectly balanced combination of Campari with Espolòn White TequilaFino Sherry infused with sea leaves, Vermouth Cinzano Blanco, Ron Wray & Nephew Overproof with salt syrup and bitter orange, garnished with orange peel. The fresh flavor and salty notes of the cocktail evoke the vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere of the Festival’s red carpet, while Campari’s timeless versatility complements the profile with its unique red color and bitter taste. Campari believes that each cocktail is a timeless creation that tells a unique story, and this cocktail tells a story that truly goes beyond the usual.

The Director of Global Marketing of the Campari Group, Julka Villacommented: “In the middle of the 75th edition of the Festival of Cannes, the Campari event was an exciting opportunity to invite the film industry’s leading guests and film enthusiasts to come together and immerse themselves in a Campari experience as creative and innovative as the brand’s legacy in cinema. Campari believes that great stories go beyond the ordinary and provide a timeless showcase of creativity and passion, and our event was the perfect opportunity to bring this Red Passion to the world famous Film Festival.”

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