can wake up without remembering anything from the last 23 years

  • Chloe Barnard suffered a stroke at the age of 19 and that may be the cause of her daily memory loss

  • Barnard has even thought her husband was a kidnapper because she couldn’t remember who he was.

  • Chloe Barnard assures that these episodes happen every two months and fatigue and stress influence

Chloé Barnard29 years old, suffers from a rare brain condition that causes a amnesia severe, forgetting the last 23 years of his life. Like in the movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, “50 first datesBarnard wakes up remembering nothing. His life sure does turn into Groundhog Day.

Doctors believe this amnesia was triggered by a stroke that he had when he was 19 years old. On some occasions, Barnard believes that she is six years old again and even thinks that her husband is a kidnapper so he and her parents, with great patience and love, must remind her who she is every day, he indicates TheMirror.

Barnard assures that his memories return little by little, but that sometimes it is very complicated control fear. “I can be any age again. I am six years old again. That was horrible,” the young woman comments on her problem.

traumatic experiences

The young woman was diagnosed in 2018. The events occurred when he was in a local with his partner, James. Suddenly, Barnard could not recognize her fiancé despite the fact that they had been in a relationship for five years and out of fear, he locked himself in her car. “My mother explained to me that he was my partner. He came looking for me, she was worried that he had another stroke,” said the young woman.

Likewise, Barnard relates that one day he had argued with his partner and in the middle of the night he woke up without recognizing where he was. “My boyfriend was on the couch with the dog, which I didn’t know was mine. I sat on the steps and asked “who are you and who is the dog? I want my mommy and my daddy’“He said. James tried to calm his wife down, but she threatened to call the police.

“I tried to call the police but he took my phone. I didn’t want him to touch me. I grabbed a wrench so he knew I could hurt him if I had to. I would hit him,” he added.

Barnard believes that the fatigue and the stress are the two main factors that cause these episodes that are usually every two months. Although doctors suspect that this condition can be linked to stroke, it is usually triggered during times of high pressure.

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