Canada goes up to complaint; “Oh, how scary”: AMLO

Canada will launch its own request for consultation due to its disagreement with the mexico energy policyafter United States (US) yesterday notified the country of the beginning of a similar process before the T-MEC.

“We agree with the US that these policies are inconsistent with Mexico’s obligations in the T-MEC,” he said. alice hansenspokeswoman for Canadian Trade Minister Mary Ng.

The EU request for consultation, via its Office of the Trade Representative (USTR)warns of various violations of the treaty due to discriminatory energy policies that “undermine” their companies in favor of CFE and of Pemex.

The Ministry of Economy He acknowledged both complaints and said he was in favor of resolving them, offered a meeting with the US in 30 days.

On this, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador used the song “Oops, what a fear”, by the singer Chico Che in his morning conference. He assured: “nothing is going to happen” because after consulting Jesus Seadein charge of negotiating the USMCAmade it clear that no point of the agreement is being violated.

Points to review

In the query submitted by EU, four fundamental points of disagreement are mentioned. The first has to do with the modification of the Law of the Industry of the Electric power which prioritizes the dispatch of electricity produced by CFE about the private ones, said the specialist Ramses Pech.

Another relates to the inaction, delays, denials and revocations of the ability of private companies to operate clean energy in Mexico, such as wind and solar installations; import and export electricity and fuel; store or transload fuel, and build or operate gas stations

The postponement of the requirement to supply ultra-low sulfur diesel only for Pemex and the actions of the Secretary of Energy about the use of Natural Gas Transportation Servicewhere you can only buy gas at CFE either Pemex.

The times

John Charles Bakerformer undersecretary of SE Foreign Trade, explained that consultations are established. If there is no response within 75 days, the panel is established and would have up to 180 days to deliberate, and a decision will be possible in April or May 2023, and at that time the decision will be known.

If it is in favor of the US, Mexico would have to “change its legislation and pay tariffs on Mexican exports,” he commented. Baker.

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