Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his separation from his wife after 18 years of marriage. Heart

2023 will be the real summer of the media breakup. Rosalia and Rav Alejandro confirm the worst news for their fans and shipping lovers, that Tiny and Rodrigo de Paul have decided to end their relationship, that the relationship between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes is not good for the second time And Taylor Swift is heartbroken. Bad news about the couple now reaches us from the international political arena, this time as a result of her fleeting romance with Joe Alwyn. Specifically, from Canada.

The newspapers there woke up this Thursday to the news that the Prime Minister J.Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie have decided to separate after a marriage that lasted 18 years They had to make this tough decision after “important and difficult conversations”.

Trudeau himself has been in charge of publicizing this news through his Instagram profile. That with a statement in English and that with one in French, the country’s two official languages. In their post, the couple announced that the decision to divorce has been made, but that, as always, they both want to remain a close family, that they “feel a deep respect for each other” and that whatever They have built and will continue to build.. He added, “For the good of our children, we ask you for respect and privacy.”

together since 2003

Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregory – Sophie Trudeau’s maiden name – met when they were both children, as Sophie was a classmate of the former Canadian prime minister’s younger brother. however, Their love story started in 2003When the two came together as hosts of a charity event.

Since then the couple has been together as they both progressed in their respective careers, she as a television presenter and yoga teacher and he making his way into politics. Besides, they have three children Xavier James Trudeau (born October 18, 2007), Ella-Grace Trudeau (born February 15, 2009) and Hadrian Trudeau (born February 28, 2014).

The decision to separate comes as Justin Trudeau takes over as prime minister, something similar happened with his father. Pierre-Elliot Trudeau was the country’s premier between 1980 and 1984, and in his last year in office he separated from Margaret Trudeau, the mother of the current prime minister, becoming the second person in Canadian history to announce his separation while in office. Did. highest rank. by country.

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