Cancellation of the OPE of Pediatrics of the Sermas

A pediatrician attending to a patient.

The Pediatric Association of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha has filed an appeal to annul the call for 207 specialist positions in Pediatrics carried out by the General Directorate of Human Resources and Labor Relations of the Madrid Health Service (Be more). This request has been raised because the call would not request the particular specialty among the prerequisites.

In this way, as indicated by the Association of Pediatricians, except in two specialties, neonatology and intensive care, in which accreditation of training in these areas is requested, in the rest of the places the specialty is not specifiedwhich would allow them to be covered by “any pediatrician, regardless of their subspecialty, training, expertise and care experience”.

In this sense, from the Pediatric Association of both regions they have highlighted that the call for vacancies is “assistance unacceptable”. A position that they exemplify by emphasizing that “it would be as if cardiology positions for adults could be covered by any graduate in medicine regardless of their specialty.”

Specifically, the call published by the Madrid Health Service includes, among the requirements to apply for one of the places, being in possession of the title of Medical Specialist in Pediatrics and its Specific Areas, issued by the competent Ministry. Regarding the specialties, the resolution only specifies the need to accredit, through joint certification of the Hospital Management Department and the corresponding Head of Service, the categories of the healthcare areas of Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care.

Pediatric vacancies with recognized specialty

The Pediatrics Association has stressed that the call for Sermas “does not fit the law and not the current reality.” Thus, in practice, the health system recognizes the different specialties within Pediatricsguaranteeing users the attention “of a specialized staff with the corresponding functional training”.

That is why the appeal filed against the call appeals to the “constitutional right to health protection and recalls the duty of public authorities to organize and protect public health through the necessary benefits and services.”

To all this, from the association it is added that, in numerous processes to cover positions of heads of service or section, the squares have come out “profiled”, that is, with the criteria of relevance defined according to the care area affected “for the sake of the best specialized care for the patient and to avoid health care provided by untrained personnel”. Thus, applicants should accredit the specialization through the document issued by the scientific societies or, failing that, by providing European titles in which the pediatric specialty is recognized.

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