Candidate for the presidency of France asks not to send more weapons or military aid to Ukraine

ParisFar-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen called on Wednesday not to send any more weapons to Ukraineas well as a rapprochement between the NATO Y Russia once Moscow’s war in Ukraine is over.

Le Pen, a nationalist with long ties to Russia, also confirmed that if she beats the president Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential elections on April 24, he will remove France from NATO’s military command and will withdraw French support from the entire European Union (EU).

Macron, a pro-EU centrist, faces a tougher-than-expected fight to hold onto the presidency, in part because the economic impact of the war is hitting the poor hardest. France’s European partners are concerned that a possible Le Pen presidency could undermine Western unity as the United States and Europe seek to support Ukraine and end Russia’s war with its neighbor.

When asked about military aid to Ukraine, Le Pen replied that she would continue defense and intelligence support.

But “I am more reserved about direct arms deliveries. Why? Because… the line is thin between helping and becoming co-belligerent,” the candidate said, noting concerns that “an escalation in this conflict could lead to a number of countries in military engagement.”

Earlier, French government spokesman Gabriel Attal reported that France had shipped 100 million euros ($109 million) worth of arms to Ukraine in recent weeks as part of a Western arms delivery.

Some time ago, Macron had tried to approach the Russian president Vladimir Putin to improve Russia’s relations with Western countries, and Macron met with the president before the Russian invasion in a failed attempt to prevent it. Since then, France has backed the EU-imposed sanctions against Moscow and has offered constant support to Ukraine.

Le Pen also said France should take a more independent path from NATO, led by the United States.

And despite the atrocities Russian soldiers have committed in Ukraine, Le Pen said NATO should seek a “strategic rapprochement” with Russia when the war ends. Such a relationship “would suit France and Europe, and I think even the United States,” he noted, in order to prevent Russia from forging a stronger alliance with China.

He did not comment directly on the events taking place in Ukraine.

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