Candidates to lead medical societies present management projects

This 2023 are various specialized medical societies that they will change their directives, so some of the members have already presented their applications and projects.

Such is the case of doctor Jorge Soto Castilloan internist-nutritionist, who formally announced his aspirations for the presidency of the SSociety of Internal Medicine of the Dominican Republic (SMIRD) for the period 2023-2025.

Doctor Soto explained that under the motto “Unity and transparency” His plate advocates that all sectors of internal medicine unite with a common goal that this continues to be the mother of all subspecialties.

He explained that they contemplate working on various topics oriented to the strengthening and recognition of the specialtycontribute to the research and update continue as well as encourage national and international cooperation among different societies and subspecialties.

The board that will accompany Dr. Soto in the elections to be held in February is made up of internists Jorge Luis Volquez (vice president), tamara feliciano (General Secretary), Eduardo Morillo (finance secretary), Jocasta Montes de Oca (recording secretary), Altagracia Milagros Cabralcurrent entity (vowel 1), Juan Bazil (vocal 2), Mindre Stump (vowel 3) and Auilda Salcedo Martinez (vocal 4).

Also, the Dr. Ruben VasquezExecutive Vice President of the Dominican Society of Family and Community Medicine (SODOMEFyC), launched his aspirations for the presidency of the entity.

Dr. Vásquez expressed his interest in working for continue promoting the entity and his institutional strengthening and encourage the culture of clinical research. Also channel that the family doctor is present in each first-level center.

He added that he is looking for empower populations of the importance of the presence of family doctors in these communities. Continue with the pending projects that the current directive has in the folderof which it is a part and expand the continuing medical education of the members of SODOMEFyC.

The Dr. Lucia Gisselle Arias also presented his aspirations to preside over the Dominican Society of Family and Community Medicine (SODOMEFyC) for the period 2023-2025.

Dr. Arias stated that one of her goals is contribute to the strengthening of the institutionality of society. As well as take her to union success and prosperity.

The specialist explained that the Dr. Francisco E. Moscoso Puello hospital has been the pillar of her training, where she has served uninterruptedly for 13 years and where she currently serves as Coordinator of the Family and Community Medicine Residency. In addition to being part of the health care body of the National Police Hospital.

Profile of Dr. Soto

The doctor Jorge Soto Castillo is graduated from Medicine, with the Internal Medicine specialty Y Master in Clinical Nutritionin addition to Postgraduate in School Health Y Aeronautical Medicine studies. He has multiple courses and training in various areas of Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

He has held various positions in academic and health institutions including; Head of Emergencies, Coordinator of Medical Residences and Coordinator of the COVID 19 Unit of the Universidad Central del Este Medical Center (UCE) and National Secretary of Residences Doctors of the Dominican Medical College (CMD).

He currently works as professor and coordinator of the Internal Medicine internship of INTEC and the UCE Medical Center, is thesis advisor and member of the Postgraduate Thesis Evaluation Commission of the Universidad Central del Este. Internist METS Academy of New York in the Dominican Republic, member of the Dominican Society of Internal Medicine and the Dominican Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.

Profile of Dr. Vasquez

Dr. Rubén Vásquez is a graduate of Doctor of Medicine, with specialty in Family and Community MedicineHe has taken various courses and updates, among which stand out: Master’s Degree in Senior Management, Diploma in Strategic Planning, Diploma in Diabetes and Specialization in Obesity. He is currently finishing his degree in Degree in Law

At the managerial level, he has directed the management of the Department of Family Medicinehas also been Manager of the Outpatient Clinic of the Dr. Vinicio Calventi General Hospitalalso belongs to the staff of the general hospital Dr. Marcelino Velez. Has been vice president of COOPMARVESA, COOPVISCAL treasurer. Currently, it is the Secretary of the Surveillance Council of District 01 of MEDICOOP.

Inside SODOMEFyC has held the charges of third member, secretary general and is currently the vice president of it, where he has offered his contributions, in addition to his participation in the struggles for dignity and the demands of family doctors.

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