Cándido Fabré responds to criticism after charging for his presentation on May 1

The Cuban singer Cándido Fabré has reacted to criticism he received after learning that he charged a significant sum of money to the provincial government of Las Tunas for a presentation within the celebrations for the first of May.

The images of the local reporters, placed Cándido parading in Las Tunas.

according to the platform cybercubaCándido made a small live broadcast before the concert and was upset by those who demanded that he charge on a day considered “historic” by the island government.

Faced with these reproaches, he was categorical: “if we were talking about money, the presence of Cándido not here, in the world, is worth millions, because I am me, exclusive. It’s not speculation, people know that”, he said, adding excitedly “hey, if there is someone who doesn’t need to have the Cuban flag in his hand, his name is Cándido Fabré. I take it here, where it has to be taken”.

According to Fabré, he does not put a price on his talent in a message that he assured addressed to “some, wimps, assholes, who are speculating” on how much he charged for his presentation “mine is priceless, mine has value and I know how to value ”, he pointed out, warning that it is not his fault that “other people” who lack “popular acceptance” are not hired anywhere on the island.

“If Las Tunas decided to pay me for my concert, don’t I deserve it? I do deserve it,” said the singer.

Lastly, Fabré referred to his unyielding position on the side of the Cuban government, and assured that “that is why they call him” to act:

“The people love me, but this country is confident that no matter how vociferous there are out there…here the only one left in Cuban popular music who truly, no matter what happens, is how this country is of those who do not give up and do not give up, it is this horse that is here, that is why I am, that is why they call me, because they know that I am the first and that mine is not speculation, “he said.

Cándido Fabré was in concert this Sunday in the city of Las Tunas, after finishing the parades called for the first of May. In a video shared by Cubans around the Worldwas also questioning some government decisions but highlighted his position on the side of the authorities.

“Listen, even Jesus Christ knows that I am not an opponent. What I am is an enemy of lies. And that we can, we can, that’s why I said ‘whenever they call me I’ll go’… And that they take from what their people give, from what their land gives, whoever produces coffee has to have coffee, whoever produces fish it has to have fish, the one that gives fungus, sweet potato, cassava, pumpkin has to have. You are not asking Las Tunas for what Las Tunas does not generate. We have to turn the cannons first to those we have here inside and that way the ‘bastard’ of the bastards who live by altering prices for people will end and I wonder how if private individuals have to kill you, the State is not going to have ”, he said at his concert.

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