Canelo Álvarez is not the best pound for pound: Nacho Beristáin

Nacho Beristainone of the best trainers in the history of boxing, assured that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez is not the best pound for pound of the world since there are technical details that he must fine-tune, although he did not overlook that nowadays he is a superlative boxer.

In an event in which it was announced that Mexico City will host the largest boxing training in the world on May 21, in an event promoted by the capital’s government and the World Boxing Council, Beristáin insisted on his perception of Guadalajarawhom he had previously questioned.

The freckled (Canelo) is a very tough fighter, a complete athleteis too strong and I think currently they can’t with him. I’ve seen a few fights from him, but I’m still not convinced he’s the best pound for pound because of his style. He is a fighter, a very complete athlete, they have made him very strong but technically personally I’m not convincedBeristain assured.

He also referred to the possibility that he would face Gennady Golovkin for the third time, a decision that would increase Canelo’s questions, since the Kazakh is close to turning 40, already at a time when he does not have the brilliance of yesteryear.

Golovkin is already old. The other two were tough and heavy fights, they were good fights, I think that (in the draw) (the Kazakh) won, but start arguing and being Mexican… but today I think again that he is far above the others”, he stressed.

Tribute to the legend

Beristáin, 82, will also receive a tribute on May 21 at a f

special anointing to be held in the Plaza de Toros México

and in which legends of the discipline will participate.

Although he had promised that he would not go back to a ring due to the health problems he could suffer, Julio Cesar Chavezunquestionable friend of Nacho, would face Daniel Zaragoza in an exhibition, in which there would also be personalities such as Humberto “la Chiquita” González, Juan Manuel Marquez and others.

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