can’t you lose weight? Here is the shock study

Diet, can’t you lose weight? Here is the shock study that focuses on one of the possible causes of this (non) result.

Even in view of the arrival of summer, many are starting to think about the costume test trying to get fit and lose weight; in addition to physical activity, to lose weight it is necessary to eat well, contacting an expert nutritionist.

diet lose weight
The new study presented in relation to weight loss and obesity (photo: Pixabay).

But why, even if we may lead a healthy life, we fail to lose weight as much as we would like? A new study has focused precisely on answering this question by highlighting one of the possible causes; here she is, yescertainly not what you expected.

Diet, can’t you lose weight? Here is the shock study that reveals one of the possible causes

When we think about diet, many parts of our body come to mind and therefore we believe that, by acting on them, we can lose weight. However, there is another very important factor that determines weight loss and, more generally, our psychophysical well-being: sleep.

According to recent research (published in the scientific journal Nature) conducted by the University of Copenhagen a better and prolonged sleep could aid in weight loss; the results of the surveys were presented to the European Congress on Obesity, convention focused precisely on the problem of obesity in the world.

Sleeping well, it is known, is good for our whole body, bringing us both physical and mental well-being; prolonged bad rest can bring us various ailments and apparently increases the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol and fat in the arteries.

diet lose weight
The importance of sleep for our well-being (photo: Pixabay).

Furthermore, not sleeping the hours our body needs could also be linked to diabetes, inflammation and heart disease; in summary, the research carried out by the University of Copenhagen on approximately 195 obese adult subjects points out that one poor sleep hygiene can cause the weight lost after the diet to regain and not only.

Again, research highlights the importance of sleep and rest in our life, a factor that we should never overlook.

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