Capcom highlights its sales in a last record year

The financial results of the last fiscal year are trends in the video game industry, and one of the companies that has stood out the most for what has been achieved has been capcom, the historical Japanese developer. Its figures have exceeded the previous fiscal year, and thus add the fifth consecutive year with benefits. Chance? Not much less. Great releases, taking care of its classics and standing out based on digital distribution on a large number of platforms are some of the keys to its great figures.

A total of 32.6 million games soldhighlighting Resident Evil Village with 6.1 million units or Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin with 1.5 million. From Capcom they emphasize that «continued growth in digital sales, which are highly profitable, boosted revenue”. Important licenses and the hope that this fiscal year can be even better, with great titles like Street Fighter 6 or the expansion of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, on the way.

Capcom, always at the forefront of the video game

Formed in the late 1970s, capcom It would not receive its current name until 1983, when several companies came together to end up being a company that would be and is essential in the history of the video game. Featured in salons Arcadian and in those of any house, capcom has always been at the forefront of the video game, generating a large number of memorable brands and sagas: Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter either Megaman they are the history of this industry, and continue to be so today, but their legacy goes much further.

The survival-horrorthe fighting gamesas well as a true best seller in its country of origin and increasingly worldwide as it is monster hunter. After certain slips in the PS3/360 generation, capcom It has managed to redirect itself, find itself again and put itself in the forefront of the industry again.

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