Capri, after J-Lo and Ben Affleck, the landing of Bryan Adams for the last shots of the Pirelli 2022 calendar

Capri, after J-Lo and Ben Affleck, the landing of Bryan Adams for the last shots of the Pirelli 2022 calendar.

There are not only J-Lo and her husband Ben Affleck to reaffirm the fame of Capri as a VIP island, as well as Covid free.

The landing of Bryan Adams confirms the perennial fascination of Capri on the jet set. Also because the rocker, the usual well-informed whisper, is not here for vacation, but for work, as can also be read from the pages of the newspaper. The morning.

His second job, that of a photographer: between today and Saturday he should in fact capture the last shots of the Pirelli 2022 calendar in an armored and top secret location on the island.

Last month he himself revealed that he was involved in the creation of “The Cal”, whose project was recently restarted after being suspended last year due to the Covid emergency. After taking the first series of photos in Los Angeles, it is in Capri that the artist will conclude his project. Known for his portraits of the protagonists of the star system, the protagonists of his edition of the calendar are so far unknown: colleagues? supermodel? Could J-Lo and Ben Affleck know anything about it? Whatever happens, it will be a success, curiosity is already skyrocketing.

The 61-year-old songrwiter of “Cut like a knife”, over one hundred million records sold between singles and albums worldwide with a career of 15 albums, three Academy Awards, five Golden Globe nominations and a Grammy Award, has transformed his passion for photography into another successful profession, collaborating with magazines such as «Interview», «Vanity Fair», «Vogue», «Harper’s Bazaar», «Esquire» before founding «Zoo Magazine» in 2004, specialized in art.

In 2005 he received the Golden Camera award in Berlin in 2015 the Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society in London. Among his most famous portraits are those of Mick Jagger, John Boyega, Amy Winehouse and Naomi Campbell, but politicians and statesmen have also posed in front of his lens, to which was added the Queen of England, immortalized by him on the occasion of the jubilee gold in 2002.

Bryan Adams has collected his shots in books such as American women (2004), Exposed (2012), a British veterans project called Wounded: the legacy of war (2014) and Homeless, released in 2019

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