Cara Buono: “Let’s talk about mental health on screen”

the girl from plainville

Just a few days after the eighth anniversary of Conrad’s death, his story returns to the screen, but with a focus that seeks to expand the dialogue on mental health issues. The series is titled The Girl from Plainville and it is the new release of Starzplay.

“One of the reasons why I really wanted to do this project was that opportunity to explore the mental health problems that young people are facing right now and open the dialogue that is so necessary for us,” Cara Buono told MILENIO.

the girl from plainville

Part of this character took as its starting point her experience as a volunteer at the Crime Victims Treatment Center in New York, an organization that dedicates its efforts to supporting survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

“We must take care of each other, I think it is happening more and more among younger people, that did not happen a few years ago; I have high hopes that everything will change, we should not stigmatize young people, “explained the actress.

Great care

Conrad Roy, who at 18 suffered from anxiety and depression, met Michelle Carter in Florida, while vacationing with their families; For months they maintained a long-distance relationship, based mainly on the text messages they exchanged.

The Girl from Plainville

“I was very familiar with the case when it happened, in fact, I saw the documentary and I was initially resistant to the project because I think, like many people who know the story, they have a preconceived idea of ​​Michelle Carter,” Buono said.

“But I loved it when I read the scripts, I was so impressed with the work of the writers and how they were able to draw such an unbiased point of view of the tragedy and the complexity of all the characters, it really manages to surprise”, added the actress.

Once convinced to tell this story, Cara faced the challenge of building her character practically from scratch; Given the circumstances, Michelle’s mother did not give interviews to the media and little was known about her relationship with her daughter.

“We analyzed the images to try to get a physical appearance and always relied on the writers and myself to create a fictional idea based on the relationship with her daughter, understand who she was and how she may have contributed to Michelle’s state of mind,” said.

“We thought that this could be a failure in some way as a mom, I hate to use that word, but I think it applies when you realize that your son is an accomplice in the suicide of another boy, you wonder what you did wrong and blame yourself, “he added. about his interpretation.

The protagonist

The role of Michelle Carter falls to Elle Fanning, who manages to deliver a solid performance throughout history; in fact, the actress changed certain features with prosthetics and studied the existing tapes of her character in real life, especially those of the trial.

“I saw everything there is, the previous documentary and the trial. I had not had a physical transformation like this: to play someone who is still alive and who is so recognizable, ”said Fanning, who was about to reject the project due to the time proximity of the story.

The Girl from Plainville

Regarding the scope that The Girl from Plainville has had since its premiere in the United States, through Hulu, Buono commented that they have been satisfactory: “We had some really interesting conversations about mental health problems and suicide. We spearhead all kinds of struggles and that’s a really wonderful aspect of doing a show like this where you feel like maybe you’re helping someone reach out and get help. It’s been really wonderful for a show to pull this off,” he added.

The series arrives this Sunday, July 10, on the Starzplay platform, with eight episodes of around 50 minutes each.

Cara Buono has participated in very successful series such as The Sopranos, Mad Men and recently, in Stranger Things, as the mother of Nancy and Mike.


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