Cara Delevingne has asked Anya Taylor-Joy to move to Los Angeles to spend more time together

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Anya Taylor-Joy and Cara Delevingne have such a close friendship that the actress, model and writer has asked the “Lady’s Gambit” star to move to Los Angeles so they can spend more time togethercolumnist Halina Watts has revealed in “Daily Mirror”.

From the confinement, the actresses became great friends, to the point that there are already fans of both who have called them Caranya. According to sources cited by Watts, Cara has asked Anya, who will soon be seen in “The Northman,” the latest film from “The Witch” director Robert Eggers, to consider moving to Los Angeles.

“Cara thinks Anya is amazing and says she is deep and philosophical, but with a wicked sense of humor,” the source quoted said. “They have a lot in common and have very intense conversations, but they also laugh all the time.”


Due to Cara Delevingne’s declared bisexuality, and her current single status, there are those who have speculated about a possible romance between the two celebrities. However, Anya is known to be engaged to photographer Ben Seed.

Currently, Anya has been filming in London, having joined the cast of “Peaky Blinders”, the BBC’s hit British mini-series which is currently airing its final season. That’s why her schedules haven’t been fully coordinated, although there were those who noted that the remote interviews that Anya gave to promote “Last Night in Soho” were done from Cara’s house.

The first time that fans noticed their closeness, and began to promote Caranya’s nickname, was in June, when the actress of Argentine origin uploaded a photo in which she appears holding hands with Cara at the Dior show in Athens.

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