Cara Delevingne has serious drug problems: photos and video

Cara Delevingne’s fans have been very concerned about her in recent days, given that her erratic behavior, her extreme thinness and her emaciated appearance has hinted that the famous top model would be going through a strong crisis caused by her problems with drug abuse. And it is that these latest images that have been captured of Delevingne have been compared to those of celebrities such as Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan in the most critical moments of their lives, so their closest family and friends have made the decision to intervene to be able to help her. In fact, even actress Margot Robbie, who has become one of her best friends, has been seen crying outside Cara’s house in Los Angeles, showing how distressed she is by the situation she finds herself in. her friend.

In recent weeks, some photos and videos of the model began to go viral on social networks due to her strange behavior and her deteriorated appearance. One of these videos was recorded at the Los Angeles airport, where she was scheduled to board a private plane owned by Jay-Z. However, after spending 45 minutes on board the plane, she was asked to leave the plane. Going down, Delevingne could be seen barefoot, disheveled and walking from one side to the other, aimlessly, while talking on the mobile.

In addition, a few days earlier she had been photographed by paparazzi looking very similar while sitting in her car in a parking lot in West Hollywood. In the photos, the model takes a pipe and adds a mysterious substance to it before proceeding to smoke. According to the ‘Daily Mail’, the model changed her clothes inside the car and went out to buy some adult toys at a store located on Melrose Avenue.

Margot Robbie and Poppy Delevingne team up to convince Cara to check into a rehab center.

Some sources close to the model’s family have assured in a chat with ‘The Sun’ that Poppy, Cara’s sister, has traveled from London to take care of her sister’s mental health and addiction problems. “We are all terribly worried about her. The situation has been brewing for a few weeks and Cara’s family is involved. There is talk of organizing some kind of intervention and making sure the model gets the help she may need.

For her part, Margot Robbie has approached her friend’s house to bring her some personal care items and medicines, while trying to convince her to enter a specialized clinic as soon as possible. And although the sources assure that Cara intends to go voluntarily, the truth is that she is dragging her feet on the matter, worrying all those close to her by repeating the same pattern as her mother, who struggled with bipolar disorder. and his heroin addiction.

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