Cara Delevingne, her struggle with depression, bullying and a mother addicted to heroin

Cara Delevingne has set off the alarms with its last public appearancesand for the conversation about his health that these images have generated in the media.

has recently been seen smoking a pipe alone in your car, or walking barefoot in an airport, with a visible bad appearance that has made his fans seriously worried. A concern that has grown after the pictures of margot robbie crying and heartbroken when leaving Delevingne’s house, with whom she became friends after coinciding in ‘Suicide Squad’.

Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie

Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie | Getty

According to the Daily Mirror, the family and The model’s friends are “very worried” about her, and consider seeking professional help. All this has led to talk of the Delevingne’s childhoodand of the hardest episodes that he lived throughout it.

Cara was born into a wealthy familywhich even has links with british royalty, as her grandmother Janie was a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. However, she was far from living a functional environment at home.

Cara told Vogue magazine how “life shaped” her her mother’s heroin addiction Pandora: “You grow up so fast because you’re playing father to your parents“. A fact that united him a lot with his sisters Poppy and Chloe, given the dramatic situation they experienced: “My life has been very stressful, because there have been a lot of chaos, insecuritynot knowing if the people around me were okay or not.

Later he found out that his mother passed due to mental problems at the timeaccording to what her sister Chloe told The Sunday Times: “I was 13 when my mom sat me down to tell me I was bipolar, but I always knew something“. Chloe assures that, despite this, they have never doubted their mother’s affection: “There has not been a single second in which our mother has not loved us madly.”

To the difficult situation that she lived at home, Cara was added more socialization problems when attending class, with several changes of institute in between, in which suffered bullying for their appearance and behavior. It was then that had a “mental breakdown” as told to Esquire: “I was hit by a wave of depression, anxiety and hate myself, when the feelings were so painful that I once started banging my head against a tree to pass out.

A harassment suffered in class that Cara attributed to his appearance, since their perception of her classmates: “If I wore the clothes I liked and had my hair the way I liked, they told me who looked like a boy. And even if I acted like one, I wasn’t a boy.”

Cara Delevingne’s addiction problems

Those episodes of strong depression or anxiety to which the British model referred ended up leading to a problem of opiate addiction “stronger than Prozac” prescribed to treat him, adding to other drugsas he also told Esquire: “I smoked a lot of weed being a teenager, but I was totally out of it with or without drugs.

She said that the therapy did not help her much, and that at that time she went into a vicious circle which was slow to leave: “I thought I had to finish high school before anything, but I couldn’t even get up in the morning. The worst thing was knowing that I was a lucky girl, and that even so I’d rather be dead… I felt very guilty about those thoughts. How could he even think that? He attacked me more for it.”

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