Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie and other ‘celebs’, on vacation in Formentera

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Imagine that –in this summer in which we are traveling more than in the last two surreal years we have lived– you choose the best coves in Menorca as your destination or, as in this case, Formentera. You go with your ‘coleguis’, ‘pimpam’ and, suddenly, you find your favorite ‘celebrities’ eating next to you. You are neither in Los Angeles nor in Miami, you are in the Balearic Islands and that scene is real, it is happening. Well, that’s what has happened to the tourists who were in their respective little boats or walking around the island, and we don’t know if they are their favorite ‘celebs’, but wow, what to see Cara Delevingne, her sister Poppy, Margot Robbie and Sienna Miller coming and going at ease has to be, at least, curious.

In the photos, which have evidently gone viral, Margot, Cara, Poppy, her husband James Cook, Sienna and their friends can be seen climbing down a ladder to reach the water and board a boat that would take them to their yacht. or larger ship.

The images are a fantasy, and be careful with the ‘looks’ of each one. Cara and Margot’s bucket hat, trying to go unnoticed? Impossible, ‘dear’. Margot’s fan, Cara’s thong effect ‘shorts’ and everyone’s bikinis and trikinis (I’m sure they’re aware of the trikinis that are trending this summer 2022)…

‘Psss’: if the ‘celebs’ vacations have given you ‘fuzz’ because you haven’t left yet or you want to make a last-minute getaway, check out the 20 best beach destinations in Spain, you’re still on time!

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