Cara Delevingne surprises with her statements about the LGBT + community: “I didn’t want to be gay”

Lto race Cara Delevingne has been one of the most diverse and successful of recent years in Hollywood. From the catwalk to the cinema, from the cinema to activism, from activism to the business world, and so we could continue with a long list of projects because if the British artist has something, it is that she is an off-road woman.

So off-road as to always speak without hesitation or complexes of all social issues or of another nature that cross the current situation of our society, as we have been able to appreciate in a recent interview with GQ.

In it, the 30-year-old London-born supermodel speak openly about certain matters such as her coming out of the closet, her professional projects or her current love situation, in which there is no confirmed partner. The last woman he was related to was none other than Sienna Miller.

However, their most shocking statements came when they played his connection with the LGBTI communityto which she belongs and defends whenever she can.

Cara Delevingne, in the fight against gender roles

In one of her responses, the interpreter states the following about gender and the self-imposed tastes that the system puts into our heads from a young age.

“I think that ‘boys like this and girls like this’ it’s ridiculous because it’s about clothes and I think anyone should be able to wear whatever they want,” she said of her latest collection, which is genderless (no gender).

He also added the following about the current society in which we live, where judging the freedom of others goes far too unpunished: “People’s choices continue to be judged a lot and I think people still feel they have the right to judge, which is ridiculous because actually they should judge themselves for the mere fact of judging people”.

Delevingne’s closet exit, naked

Continuing with the social theme, the British also spoke about how her exit from the closet was, leaving such shocking phrases as this: “I didn’t want to be gay”.

“To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even aware of what it meant to be publicly ‘out of the closet’. I just got to a point where I got sick of hiding those parts of myself: I myself was the person I had hidden all my life.

If because of who I really am I couldn’t keep my job, I’d rather quit. feel less alone, because there are many who suffer in places and countries where it is still illegal [ser LGBT+]and that’s horrible.

“But everything can be better. You can stop feeling lonely. I always felt lonely because I didn’t know there was a community. I didn’t know gay people. I didn’t want to be gay. But it’s not that I didn’t want to be, it’s that I didn’t.” I thought it would be accepted. And that’s why I think it’s very important that there is more and more representation,” Delevingne confessed about her beginnings as an LGBT+ icon.

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