Cardano forecast (ADA). On the launch pad or ready for storage

The cryptocurrency market this December 2021 is experiencing an almost suffocating uncertainty, there is also a lot of disbelief because the market this time did not behave following the previous cycles. And this proves that past performance is never a guarantee for the future.

While according to some analysts the price of bitcoin (BTC) could at most rise just above $ 70,000 in a last assault of the year – but there is no longer any certainty – other cryptocurrencies appear to want to take over, albeit timidly.

Among these we find cardano (ADA), which at 7 days is in positive territory and in the last 24 hours has collected an important + 6.98%. According to some, in fact, more than a rise in the BTC there is potentially a altcoin season. It will be like this? Skepticism at this point has become a fundamental defense, also because we have already seen an altcoin season in the first 5 months of the year.

Let’s focus on forecasts for cardano (ADA).

Forecast Cardano (ADA)

What forecasts for cardano (ADA) in a context of such vast uncertainty? Looking at the historical data, since the beginning of the year ADA has scored a + 811.39% and at one year (i.e. as of December 3, 2020) it has totaled an ROI of + 908.92%.

At three months the crypto asset ADA it is down by as much as -44.24%, while in one month it fell by -19.82%. The cryptocurrency reached an all-time high at USD 2,968 in early September, then it collapsed.

Bearish sentiment on Cardano (ADA)

Despite the interesting rally over the past 24 hours, AmbCrypto analysts indicate that there are no signs of a robust recovery for the ADA market. The movements are static and do not indicate a real recovery.

Also, keep in mind the sentiment on the entire cryptocurrency sector. When bitcoin goes up, it takes the rest of the market with it as well. And the bullish phase of ether (ETH) is not enough, which in any case already seems to have returned.

As always, some cryptocurrencies make an exception for specific reasons and related to the progress of their respective projects, but the decentralized platform Cardano all that had to announce again has announced it.

Signals from the Asian market

There are no positive signals from the Asian market, as the date on which Huobi announced the closure of accounts to Chinese customers is approaching.

Support for bitcoin is around USD 53,000, even though it is currently USD 56,600, but it is significant that Microstrategy has bought another 7,000 BTC at an average price above these: USD 59,187.

We are therefore in a state of anticipation, investors are watching events to understand what will happen and the long-term momentum is starting to fade.

Ultimately, most cryptocurrencies, including cardano (ADA), may have already said it all to this cycle.

Recently the investor PlanB he asked to his followers whether the peak at 68,000 USD was the all-time high of this cycle or if we can expect one last surprise. The poll ended optimistically, but caution is needed this time.

Cardano forecast (ADA)? Very uncertain at the moment.

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