Cardano presents a plan for 2022

What does Cardano have in store for next year? Charles Hoskinson explained what the ADA community can expect.

in a live broadcast Youtube Charles Hoskinson, inventor of Cardano and president of IOHK, said about the coming year and the opportunities and risks associated with the crypto space and ADA. “Cardano’s notoriety has grown exponentially,” explained Cardano founder and co-founder of Ethereum.

In the video, Hoskinson also talks about Cardano’s performance over the past year. According to the founder, “over two million assets” have been issued via blockchain, most of them by NFT. However, dApp development is a bit slower than expected. As a result, 127 blockchain projects are currently actively involved in developing such decentralized applications. “But the quality is there,” said Hoskinson.

open source architecture

In addition to a short review, Cardano’s founder also talked about what the community can expect from 2022. There will be an official open source architecture next year. It’s kind of a Linux hyperledger, Hoskinson said, and we’ll see a lot of organizations connected. “We started with health as the top priority. Now that this patch has been made, let’s move on to performance, optimization and ease of use, ”he said.

Hoskinson said success in the cryptocurrency industry would be “at stake”. According to the founder of Cardano, this should also happen. “Because if we are successful, we will change the power structures of humanity itself,” said Hoskinson.

How a few days ago Describe The founder of an Ethereum competitor is exploring the potential that comes from fairer conditions in our society through decentralization. But at the same time it also addresses traditional institutions with their outdated structures.

“If the core is hollow, if the foundation is damaged, corroded, cracked or moldy, all you need is a little push. And that’s exactly what we do together as an industry. We give humanity a little push, not a big push, but it is enough to know what is inside these institutions ”.

To achieve its goals, the network now has all the means at its disposal, as explained by the founder of Cardano during the live broadcast.

2022 is going to be a crazy year, ”Hoskinson said.

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