Cardano revolutionizes blocks | It starts on December 1st

Big moves on Cardano, with Charles Hoskinson and the foundation it manages Cardano that intervene on two points that have been animating the debate in the last 24 hours.

There are big news that will be rolled out on Cardano starting with the next updates – and which will allow the network to increase its output, even in contrast to a narrative, which Charles Hoskinson remembers him, is definitely Sui generis.

Cardano increases blocks - by
Cardano revolutionizes blockages – measure against congestion

We can find Cardano $ ADA on eTorowhich also offers automatic staking on Cardano $ ADA – intermediary who will continue – we will come back later – to offer Cardano to all European customers.

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Cardano will widen the blocks – to support more transactions per second

The situation is this: while many accuse Cardano to be a project of little concrete use, at the same time others contest its congestion. A situation judged – in our opinion – correctly as absurd even by Charles Hoskinson in one of his recent tweet.

I really enjoy the fact that the Cardano narrative is changing from Ghostchain [blockchain fantasma, NDR] without any kind of use to “How will Cardano handle the congestion? The blocks are full! The Dapps are activating !!! ” The dogs bark, but the caravan continues on its way.

A situation which, according to a recent post from IOHK – the foundation that also deals with the development of Cardano, will be resolved in future updates. What will happen? Simple: the space available in the blocks will go from 8k to 72k, thus allowing with a single block of validate multiple transactions. This should be enough to handle congestion of the network also in the future, when – hopefully – the projects that will use it will be much more numerous.

The changes will be implemented on the testnet the next November 25, then go to the mainnet the next December 1st, at approximately 10.45pm Italian time.

In addition to increasing the block size, the memory units per single transaction. Which should help streamline the traffic you are creating on it a bit mainnet of the protocol.

EToro question: was ADA really delisted?

No, operations were simply stopped in the United States – who works with eToro in Europe will not have any kind of problem – for issues related to possible legislative innovations in the crypto field.

Here too he spoke on the subject Charles Hoskinson, who complained that the lack of clarity and ambiguity of the legislator is causing enormous damage to the entire ecosystem. Damage that Cardano has already registered on the market, continuing a slow decline which at the time of writing makes it attest to around quota $ 1.67.

Low prices – and for many very affordable – if the horizon is medium and long term. Though Cardano it is not going through one of its best moments, of reasons to despair, at least for now, we do not find any.

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