Cardano, three months to wait for an electronic identity card


Cardano electronic identity card

CARDANO TO THE FIELD – The previous accumulated, lets know the mayor Maurizio Colombo, and of over 700 new requests which are being disposed of at a rate that cannot be faster than 40 per week. That’s why whoever calls in the Municipality of a Cardano al Campo to get the electronic identity card the first useful appointment is given in December.

Three months of waiting

“Three months of waiting is certainly not sustainable and we are doing everything to reduce waiting times,” says the mayor. Unfortunately, he says, over the years a background has accumulated that is now difficult to dispose of. Cardano al Campo should have been in 2018 one of the very first municipalities in the province of Varese enabled to issue an electronic identity card and instead the digitization process of the Registry Office was completed in elephantine times only in February 2019. Reservations in that period of time they began to multiply. The lockdown the following year only made matters worse. So here is what now, in a city of 15,000 inhabitants, 700 are applying for the CIE. Too bad that the electronic terminal, even when working at full capacity, it is unable to process more than 40 requests per week. The reason for the “flooding” in the Registry is explained as follows.

Tied hands

The complaints in the Municipality and on social networks have been repeated continuously for months. The mayor says he is perfectly aware of the disservice and that he has made it every possible corrective is in place. «For the management of the paperwork relating to the release of the CIE we have gone from 3 to 5 days of activity. Unfortunately we have inherited a problem, but they do not allow us to solve it quickly making do overtime to employees or by installing an extra terminal in the town hall. We have done request to the ministry, but without success. With the resources available we are proceeding at full speed, but in these conditions we will not return from the emergency for a year“.

Cardano, eight months for not having an electronic identity card. “Shame”

Cardano electronic identity card – MALPENSA24

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