Cardi B and Madonna bury their clash

The beef will not last.

In clash throughout the weekend, Cardi B and Madonna have reconciled publicly. It all started with a message posted by the singer on social networks.

It’s a mess that we didn’t see coming… After JT at the beginning of the month, Bardi this time attacked Madonna, after the latter posted a message deemed disrespectful by the New York rapper. On this post published on social networks, Madonna claims to have paved the way for personalities like Cardi, but also Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, in particular on the fact of assuming one’s sexuality and expressing it explicitly.

“I spent years being interviewed by closed-minded people, who tried to humiliate me to accept me as a woman. I was called a p**e, a witch, and a devil. Now Cardi B can sing on her WAP. Kim Kardashian can cover any magazine with her butt. […] You’re welcome the dirty. 🤡

A speech little appreciated by the interpreter of “I Like It” who reacted directly on Twitter.

“I’ve paid tribute to this woman so many times, because I grew up listening to her. She could have made her point without putting on clown emoji and saying slurs. These icons really become disappointments once you’ve made it in the industry.”

Cardi B then chained the diatribes against Madonna on Twitter, without really having a response from the singer. But the confusion was finally settled in private, since the two artists called each other to explain. A reconciliation that the rapper wanted to share on social networks.

Unlike the one with 50 Cent, Madonna will therefore have quickly settled this clash, which we hope will have allowed a real rapprochement with Cardi B, and perhaps a musical collaboration soon!

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