Cardi B and Madonna settle feud after social media ‘disrespect’

Cardi B and Madonna.

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It’s already over. Cardi B and Madonna seemed to start a social media feud, but the artists settled their issue even faster than it started.

“I spoke to Madonna… It was beautiful,” Cardi, 30, tweeted on Sunday, October 23, alongside a crying emoji. “Have a great day and drive safe 😘.”

The ‘Material Girl’ singer, 64, took to her Instagram Story on Saturday, October 22, to reflect on her 30th birthday SEX book. “In addition to photos of me naked, there were photos of men kissing men, women kissing women, and me kissing everyone,” Madonna wrote. “I also wrote about my sexual fantasies and shared my views on sexuality in an ironic way.”

She continued, “I spent the next few years being interviewed by narrow-minded people who tried to shame me into empowering me as a woman. I have been called a whore, a witch, a heretic and a devil. Now Cardi B can sing on her WAP. Kim Kardashian can grace the cover of any magazine with her bare ass and Miley Cyrus can happen like a wrecking ball.

The ‘Hung Up’ singer concluded, “You’re welcome female dogs,” followed by a clown emoji.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper didn’t appreciate the clown. “Start your morning with coffee and violence,” she tweeted on Sunday, October 23.

In a since-deleted Twitter reply, Cardi explained that Madonna is one of her idols. “I literally [paid] this woman pays tribute so many times because i grew up listening to her…she can make her point without putting on clown emojis and getting her mouth licked,” she tweeted. “These icons really become disappointments once you’ve made it in the industry, which is why I’m keeping them to myself.”

Some Madonna fans claimed Cardi misinterpreted the “4 Minutes” singer’s post, but Cardi B clapped back in a since-deleted tweet: “Y’all are ridiculous…I don’t care who it is, nobody won’t disrespect me. especially without provocation, are you stupid? »

“SAY EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY BUT DON’T INSULT ME THE F–K… no one is going to please me (especially a white woman),” she continued, via rolling stone. “I know exactly what she said and I get it but it’s about THE TONE… Calling me bitches and putting on clown emojis?” Whore !

The Michigan native has apparently smoothed things over with the “WAP” singer.

Cardi is a longtime Madonna fan, gushing to meet her in a 2018 Instagram post.

“I met my true idol Madonna. I can’t even believe I performed at his event and it was the most meaningful performance ever,” she explained at the time. “I grew up with my mother listening to Madonna for hours. I played freshman year of “Material Girl” in high school, listened to it on all my photo shoots for super confidence, and always mentioned it in my interviews. The best part about it is that she was everything I thought she would be, a liberal feminist bitch. I am so happy.”

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